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  1. Gardening
    I am starting my biggest garden yet this year in my cousins new rural home. I have only done urban gardens up to this point. This new found freedom of no town rules and more space than I know what to do with is scary and exciting at the same time. Up until now my experience has been in been...
  2. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    Recently, I had a friend suggest the idea of planting native trees and native berry bushes out in the wilderness, in potential bug out locations. He called it guerilla gardening, and I thought it was a cool idea. Not possible in all places I'm sure, but I imagine in certain places with year...
  3. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    Hey all! Im totally new to this forum but been basically obsessed with the whole prepping, getting away from the big cities, gardening and self-sustainability over the past 6 months or so.. We are in our Young 30s and my wife and I come from small ish cities 100K.. but since we've been...
  4. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Hello, 2 ways for getting wood chip mulch. From tree services or chipping using a wood chipper. Tips ---> How to make wood chip mulch Comments?
  5. Food, Health and Fitness Survival
    Hello friends, I created a Front yard garden without grass. Useful idea for edible garden too. Easy to grow veggies in this area now. Steps---> My new front yard garden. Work in progress:
  6. New Member Introductions
    I try and talk to my friends and no one really gets why I store food and seeds and other supplies. I try and explain that if somthing was to happen I am prepared but they just don't understand. They think I garden for fun. Or dehydrate for fun. Or can food for fun. It's not fun it's survival. So...
  7. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Full disclosure; I run this blog. I created a crop list for what I believe to be the best crops to have. I am looking to add a bit to this list as some I've pointed out it is not ideal for all climates. I am hoping the community could help me out, here is what I found in my research. Survival...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Hey Everyone! I'm wanting to get to know some new people, new techniques, and see who is actively doing or interested in aquaponic gardening! I learned about aquaponics from a prepper a few years ago and it changed my view on gardening and farming vegetables, fruits and other crops! Let's...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, I'm new to PrepperForums and wanted to introduce myself. I'm interested in urban and wilderness survival, ditch medicine, edible and medicinal plants, self defense, ditch medicine, and strategic gardening. I'm a former ANGLICO Marine, combat medic, and currently certified as a...
  10. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Here's my new article: Heeling In: What To Do With Bare Rooted Trees. If you're ordering new fruit trees this article explains what you should do with trees that the nursery sends you that have bare roots. Very informative and it teaches you have to preserve the trees until you're able to...
  11. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Hello Preppers! Here is my new article: "Lots of Flowers, But No Fruit". It covers the reason why your plants may flower, but in the end you get no fruit and a wasted garden. Learn how to over come this, especially vital in a survival situation. Enjoy! Desert Marine
  12. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Here's is the 1st part of a 3 part article that discusses "Home Survival Caches". I cover storing and protecting your Preps. There are many situations whereby you will need to protect AND disguise your preps. The 1st part of the article has some interesting disguises that looks like a garden...
  13. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    I get this question asked all the time i.e. "How To Grow Potatoes"? Well my article explains how I do it in a vertical way using less space and you know what? I get a bumper crop every time. Hope you will too. Check out the link. No selling just plain old gardening fun! Keep It Growing Desert...
  14. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Trying to take the information on Gardening to the higher level. Here is an article on Tomato Blight. If you grow Tomatoes you'll definitely want to read this article. As this disease effects more tomatoes than anything else. Keep it growing! Desert Marine
  15. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Hey Everyone, Here is the published article I told you about earlier. Fall Gardening A Guide to Cold Weather Vegetables. Please share, comment on the page and let me know what you all thought about it. Thanks, Troy Brooks
  16. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Common Tomato Problems-We cover the minor and major problems that often occur when growing tomatoes.
  17. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Here is a simple way to test your soil to see if it's alkalize or acidic: How to test soil for alkaline or acidic
  18. Food, Health and Fitness Survival
    One of the factors I decided on fully is learning how to grow my own food. I can live without Internet. I can live without money. However, it's hard to live without water and food. I do believe that there's value in stacking food but I also believe that there's more value in growing your food...
1-18 of 18 Results