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  1. Gardening
    I am starting my biggest garden yet this year in my cousins new rural home. I have only done urban gardens up to this point. This new found freedom of no town rules and more space than I know what to do with is scary and exciting at the same time. Up until now my experience has been in been...
  2. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Hello All, Looking for some ideas on how to build a raised bed frame. I want to ensure that I don’t use treated lumber where the chemicals can reach out into the garden. I also don’t want to use just regular pine as the wood will fail from rotting on the ground. I’ve entertained concrete blocks...
  3. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    We have been prepping (learning skills, gathering supplies, etc.) for years. While researching our next investment I came across a site,, that had quite a bit of information on many things we're interested in, including a solar greenhouse and hydroponics system. Has anyone...
  4. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Hello, I built this gravel path in my garden. Maybe useful for gardeners in this forum. Steps ---> How to build a garden path My backyard:
  5. Food, Health and Fitness Survival
    Hello friends, I created a Front yard garden without grass. Useful idea for edible garden too. Easy to grow veggies in this area now. Steps---> My new front yard garden. Work in progress:
  6. Food, Health and Fitness Survival
    Hello, For growing vegetables, you need more space. Why not a garden without lawn in front of the house? A crazy project for me! But I did it. Ideas ---> Front Yard Garden - Landscaping Idea Without Grass Me over a new raised bed
  7. Events, Tradeshows, Conventions, and Conferences
    Aquaponics Fest is a vibrant indoor-outdoor summer festival that is bringing the aquaponics community together in one big face-to-face celebration of home and school-based aquaponic gardening! The festival will take place in Longmont, Colorado, August 9th-10th. Just some of the exciting things...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, I'm new to PrepperForums and wanted to introduce myself. I'm interested in urban and wilderness survival, ditch medicine, edible and medicinal plants, self defense, ditch medicine, and strategic gardening. I'm a former ANGLICO Marine, combat medic, and currently certified as a...
  9. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Hello Preppers! Here is my new article: "Lots of Flowers, But No Fruit". It covers the reason why your plants may flower, but in the end you get no fruit and a wasted garden. Learn how to over come this, especially vital in a survival situation. Enjoy! Desert Marine
1-9 of 9 Results