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  2. DIY
    Last year I built a large window heater that was moderately successful but it was big, moderately expensive, bulky, and my wife didn't like it so much. So this year I decided to do one cheaper, smaller, more portable, and less of an eyesore. The video does not show how to plumb in the heat into...
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    [FREE] Twelve Month Planning Guide! 67 Page Step-by-Step Preparation Manual Download Available at Prepper Today: Prepper Guide - Preparation Manual
  4. Food, Health and Fitness Survival
    Johnson & Johnson Build Your Own First Aid Kit Case | Walgreens The link above is to a small first aid kit at Walgreens. It is an EMPTY KIT. The idea is that if you buy 4 qualifying products the empty bag is FREE. But I didn't want the products because I already had a good kit - except my bag...
1-4 of 5 Results