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  1. Economic, Precious Metals, Investing, Finance
    I have been looking into Venezuela's situation recently as a way to learn more about financial preparedness. They are going through what is the world's highest inflation at the moment, where money is so useless it is worth more when it is made in crafts than it is as a tradeable currency. It...
  2. Economic, Precious Metals, Investing, Finance
    With a background in economics, maybe I take the ability to spot this stuff for granted. Though it doesn't take a Warren-Buffet-level of financial understanding to see that the global economy is in bad shape, I tried to simplify it a bit on my blog. Let me know what you think, if you...
  3. Economic, Precious Metals, Investing, Finance
    Today's jobs report from the BLS or the LBS as I like to call it (Lots of Bull Stuff) showed we added .1% to unemployment from June. 8.3% is a steady move up from 8.1% in April. When you look around, you may think it seems much worse than 8.3%. You are right, 8.3% is the U3 number which does...
1-3 of 3 Results