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  1. Books, Videos, Media, Podcasts
    I made this Christmas parody song when I was working in radio. It does have some bad language, which obviously had to be edited for radio but you guys are getting the original version. Feel free to download this and add it to your Christmas music this holiday. Just remember NSFW. It's called...
  2. Books, Videos, Media, Podcasts
    It's the Christmas Show! We talk all things Christmas, play some music and have a lot of fun! Enjoy and have a great Christmas!
  3. General Talk
    My first wish was for a truly conservative President that would uphold The Constitution of The United States of America........Not holding my breath on this one! But seriously our family decided to give only gifts that would be useful for prepping. I asked for ammo reloading supplies and durable...
1-3 of 3 Results