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    I have multiple brand-new Rainbow 36A Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear) shelter sets for sale. Brand new in factory packaging. Tape has started peeling on two boxes. One has been opened for inspection and pictures (price can be lowered on this one). The...
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    Why settle for just a gas mask? The C420 Powered Air Purified Respirator is several steps up from the traditional concept of the gas mask. It's a hip mounted filtration system that forces air through the filters and ensures continuous supply to your face. I have for sale a C420 PAPR mask...
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    Black poly float tubes 1" thick side wall It has good chemical resistance, is impact resistant and has stress cracking resistance. Various sizes available for many applications. 32" x 160" = $300 36" x 200" = $400 36" x 300" = $500 Perfect for survivalist water storage All questions answered...
1-3 of 3 Results