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  1. Classifieds, Barter, Trade, Buy, Sell
    I have a 1978 Dodge motorhome, that i have lived in for a while, until i moved intoan apartment for work. I have been keeping the rv as a backup place to stay, but i plan on moving full time into a boat, and have decided to try to sell the motorhome. If anyone is interested, pm me.its a solid...
  2. Strictly Bug Out Vehicles
    About a year ago I sold my Crew Cab Nissan Titan. I was spending more in gas than a new car payment and it was at 100K+ miles so the frequency of repairs was increasing. Traded her in and got a Ford Fusion Hybrid. Now I'm driving a very nice, very civil car and I'm saving about $200 to $300 a...
  3. Strictly Bug Out Vehicles
    So I am looking into making what I consider my ultimate BOV. I would love some of your thoughts, pros and cons, anything you have to offer is awesome! I am planning on starting with Ford E350 Utility van - The reason I choose this vehicle is because of the amount found on the road (spare...
  4. Classifieds, Barter, Trade, Buy, Sell
    Removed my link and will no linger follow this forum due to a hunch of whines wanna be preppers getting territorial with their precious blog site. Get a life! I am selling my BOV. Here is a link to my Craigslist ad.
  5. Classifieds, Barter, Trade, Buy, Sell
    First 13k takes it! This is a trade in that I have driven it about 300 miles in the last 3 weeks! All the mechanical is in good working order! This beast is a turbo multifuel and gets about 12mpg. Has cab heat and a pto driven winch. Also has Overson Free Wheel lockouts. :mrgreen: Big Bug...
1-5 of 5 Results