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  1. Alternative Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro etc)
    Don't waste your waste. In order to use methane gas from your human & animal waste, and ethanol gas from your food waste, you will need 2 different bio-digester chambers. This is a must have for living off grid IMO. How to make a bio-digester chamber, and how your livestock can help. Here is a...
  2. Alternative Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro etc)
    The site has quite a lengthy intro before you get to actually learn and see the product, but is definitely worth the wait if you are looking into alternative power sources or considering going off the grid all together. Basic premise is the solar panels do not come assembled providing a...
  3. Food, Health and Fitness Survival
    Hi all, im new to this great community and want to share some thoughts on what i know best: solar cooking! Ive had experience with many solar cooking devices and have finally found something truly revolutionary. The SolSource from ...... is by far the most powerful, well built, and versatile...
1-3 of 3 Results