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Perimeter protection

This is a discussion on Perimeter protection within the Urban and Rural Survival forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by Prepared One I agree. I don't believe in safe queens. I don't believe in safe queens either, I carry what I've purchased. ...

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Thread: Perimeter protection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prepared One View Post
    I agree. I don't believe in safe queens.
    I don't believe in safe queens either, I carry what I've purchased. The fly in the oatmeal on this topic is that my eye surgery took me out of pistol shooting for over a year. The eye doctor had to laser the entire bottom of my retina back into place. I'm into that second year now, and fortunately I bought the .22LR conversion kit for my Kimber .45 ACP. I'm going to have to slowly edge back into the sport.
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    Personally in a S.H.T.F scenario I think it's a fantastic idea, I mean really no matter the situation what is going to bring you from a sound slumber to completely ready for anything than a gunshot? I mean it brings so many surging ideas into your head and at that point you grab the shotgun and go deal with whatever dares to fight.
    A man never truly knows how good he is with a gun until that gun is his last resort to live.

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    Safe Outside Defensive Position Construction.

    Our U. S. Civil War Battle of Cold Harbor changed warfare around the planet. After Cold Harbor no other battles worldwide were ever fought by two apposing armies standing in lines firing at each other.

    Grant and Lee raced each other to reach Cold Harbor, Va. first. It was just a bar in the middle of the wilderness by the way, so perhaps that explains the race.

    Lee arrived three days first. His troops dug several parallel trenches six miles long. The novelty here was that his men placed tree trunks horizontally along the top of the front of the trenches. The logs were raised just enough for the defenders to fire under them thus protecting their heads.

    Within a half hour Grant lost 6,000 troopers to slaughter attacking those positions. I think Lee lost about 1,500(?).

    Our large rural group will have several guard stations and fall-back defender positions.
    Our main one will be a stand up wall of RR ties with a mound of dirt placed in front of it. Six inch firing slits will be under the last RR tie. Camouflaged netting will be hanging over the slits.

    Other guard stations will consist of two RR ties stacked with 4" spacers and then topped by another RR tie. They will be set back into bushes and will have camouflaged netting hanging in front of it so that guards can sit up safely while on guard duty and intruders cannot spot the positions.

    An incline of dirt or plywood is behind the ties so a defender can scoot up to fire. If desired, the defender can kneel and fire over the top tie.

    An 18" X 8 foot piece of plywood is placed 6 inches behind the shorter guard stations stacked RR ties. It's cavity is filled with dirt thus giving a total depth of 18 inches from the front of the RR tie to the rear of the dirt cavity. The top RR ties have an 8 foot long 2X8 board screwed to the inside of it, giving it 14 inches of wood.

    Most of our positions are at slight angles from where we expect firing to come from. This angle will cause their bullets to have to penetrate more wood and dirt than if fired at a right angle. The angle has no negative effect on our guards. Out main guard position will have two of the 2 X 8s on the header tie giving it 16 inches of wood.

    Note that our positions do not require trenching.

    $30 for (3) RR ties,
    for net
    . If wrong color net is ordered simply touch up with spray paint.
    $6 for 2X8X8 board for top tie.
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