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Pocket full of spending currency post SHTF

This is a discussion on Pocket full of spending currency post SHTF within the Urban and Rural Survival forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; The one I read was more of reporting from the ground. It was commenting on bartering as well as the use of precious metals because ...

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Thread: Pocket full of spending currency post SHTF

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    The one I read was more of reporting from the ground. It was commenting on bartering as well as the use of precious metals because of the lack of value of the currency.
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    I agree with what Selco wrote.

    So as an exception, yes, you can have, and even deal (trade, collect)precious metals when everything collapses and wait for a better time and better rate, but you need organization for that.

    But if your whole prepping plan is having PMs and hoping that when the SHTF some kind of trade system will jump in where you are gonna buy stuff with your silver coins like you do with money today, then your planning is wrong.
    Again, my point is that PM's should only be a part of your preps, not based on your preps. Prepping should be multifaceted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhatTheHeck View Post
    Thank you.

    But, that reads more like an ad.
    And while he says silver will buy six months of food, has anyone actually, boots on the ground, done it?
    Unfortunately there is not that much out there right now. Or at least they are buried pretty deep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhatTheHeck View Post
    Historically speaking PMs have had value.

    But I have yet to see anyone mention a real SHTF event.

    Venezuela, I have yet to read any articles of anyone trading goods for PMs.
    Even if they were, would a 1oz gold coin buy $1205 worth of food? Due to supply, or the lack thereof, and high demand, I might trade a dozen eggs for a 16oz bar of gold.
    Might being the key word.
    LOL.. first you have to have something people need... the people who have the food... THE GOVERNMENT are not interested in Gold or silver...
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    anyone with any grain or legumes had better get lots of it buried within a few days of shtf, cause it will be taken at gunpoint by SOMEBODY. if it's a real, long term shtf, currency will be worthless. It might be a generation before gold and silver coins are worth anything, too. But I still stockpile them. Once you've got a year's supply of food,meds, seeds, etc, there's no better place to put surplus cash, in small amounts, than such coins. Who says you have to use a 1 oz gold coin, anyway? they have `1/10th oz gold coins, you can cut them in half. In fact, you can cut in half a silver dime and it will still be accepted as 5% of an oz of silver. You dont buy a loaf of bread. Instead, you buy a bushel of grain, crack it and make porridge out of it.

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    I'm surprised by the lack of discussion about ammunition as a currency, aside from a couple brief mentions. I do have a modest amount of gold and silver, mostly as a hedge against inflation, but it seems to me that ammo would be one of the best forms of currency if shtf. Obviously food would be the best, but ammo has a much better 'value density' and shelf life.

    It meets the criteria fairly well:
    Portability (depending on quantity)
    Rare (when compared to number of people, and will be getting more rare each day)

    The best part is that you can use it for hunting and protection as well. In a shtf scenario I would much rather have ammo cans full of ammo, than ammo cans full of gold and silver.

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    Not thinking much of the idea of storing a supply of fast food packets. I do think you need to maintain a cash supply in local currency , small bills. Every house in the U.S. should have at least a hundred in ones and fives. Stores don't operate now days without electricity and internet connectivity. Still a chance that a store would sell something for cash if you had it but the machines to utiilize cards are down as are the ATM's.

    Long term look at the gold and silver. For the things that occure every year , in fact almost every month somewhere on the planet, keep a couple hundred in small bills , again in local currency, would be more helpfull than mustard packets.
    [1]Survival: Actions I need to do NOW to live another 5 minutes to 3 days.[2] Prepping: What I do to insure my family makes it thru an adverse event lasting 3 days to 3 months [3] Seeds and livestock: What you need for long term subsistence.


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