Tertiary Heat Sources

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Tertiary Heat Sources

This is a discussion on Tertiary Heat Sources within the Survival Gear Reviews and Questions forums, part of the Survival Gear Reviews, Questions, Sell, Swap category; So I started prepping a couple of years ago due to losing power during a blizzard up here in Southern New England. We lost electricity ...

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Thread: Tertiary Heat Sources

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    Tertiary Heat Sources

    So I started prepping a couple of years ago due to losing power during a blizzard up here in Southern New England.

    We lost electricity and we have no fireplace. No electric means our burner couldn't fire to and heat the water for the baseboard heat.

    Long story short after three days of no heat our small house had exhausted all its heat retention.

    We had used the natural gas stove to boil water(our secondary heat source) and try to heat the best we could that way but had to balance out the condensation build up from the gas and boiling water.

    Now I am looking into indoor kerosene options as well as I picked up a Gloi Heat Pal camp stove (burns denatured alcohol) which is rated safe for indoor use with minor ventilation, but really isn't going to throw the heat needed for more than a very small room.

    Does anyone have recommendations on indoor kerosene heaters? They all seem to be pretty standard.

    My house is very small (less than 800 square feet).

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    Tertiary Heat Sources-1121151855.jpgTertiary Heat Sources-1121151855a-1.jpgTertiary Heat Sources-1121151856.jpgTertiary Heat Sources-1121151856a.jpgTertiary Heat Sources-1121151857.jpg
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    My Mr heater runs for close to a week straight off of a 20 pound bbq bottle. You will need some minor ventilation tho. 800 SF aught to be made bearable by one of those. But being in the NE ymmv..
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    I used kerosene heat long ago and it works but a bit of odor and if you ever get bad fuel you'll wake up to a house covered in extremely fine soot. Go to Tractor supply (or internet) and get 1 or 2 Big Buddy propane heaters. http://www.amazon.com/Mr-Heater-MH18...bibuddy+heater

    Either get about 20 of the small 1lb cans of propane or I recommend that you get a 20 lb propane tank like your grill uses. You'll need these to hook up a propane tank.
    Amazon.com: Mr. Heater Buddy Series Hose Assembly - 10-ft., Model# F273704: Automotive

    I have 2 of these heaters for supplementary heat in my shop and end up loaning them out every winter during local power outages.

    notes... most kerosene heaters put out about 20,000 btu heat which covers a room or 2 but that's it if it's 20 degrees outside.
    The model of Big Buddy I suggested is 18,000btu and much more adjustable than a kerosene heater in it's output. While the heater has a tiny built in fan that can run on batteries it really eats D cell batteries, about 8 hrs a set of 2. The fan helps a bit but batteries are not required to run the heater.
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    I have two Kerosun 2300 heaters and two Alpaca kerosene cooking stoves, both types work quite well.
    The Alpaca will work as a heater too.
    The Kerosun has an output on high of 23,000 BTU's IIRC.
    The alpaca is about 8 or 9 thousand BTU's and runs about 16 hours on a gallon of fuel.
    I have used them both in power out conditions.
    As with any kerosene heater or lamp, you need to clean the wick occasionally. Keep spares on hand.
    Cleaning is just scraping the carbon buildup off so fuel can wick to top, on the lamps, just trim them with a scissors..
    Watch for water in fuel before filling, will rust out tank.
    I don't use them now, they are level three, the propane heaters have moved into number two slot with the wood stove in number four.
    Nothing wrong with them, it is just that I can run on the gas for two months without touching a tank, no power need either.
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    If your hot water heater is still working, you could fill the tub with hot water & it would give off a little heat into the house (not much...but a little). Let a little hot water run down the drain to heat the pipes.

    You could also take a couple hot water bottles to bed with you.

    It wouldn't do much bit it'd help a little.
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    I don't like kerosene, it gives me horrible headaches. The heaters that have been mentioned work really well. We have two of them and use the 20 lb bottles.

    If you own your home why don't you install a small wood burning stove? It would provide heat, allow you to cook and it dries boots and gloves very well. We put a couple blankets on a chair by the stove when we are headed out to take care of the animals, when we come in there is a nice warm blanket to bundle up in.
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    The Mr. heater seems to eat up those one pound canisters pretty quick. I also have (maybe an unnatural) fear of storing a lot of propane. I've heard the propane will last almost forever but eventually the seal at the top will start leaking. I keep having visions of my garage going up in a giant horrific explosion.

    But I HATE fooling with that damn kerosene, it stinks, it's expensive, I also hate fooling with replacing the wicks etc. etc. etc.. so I guess I'll just stick with the Mr. heaters, buy a couple 20 pound tanks and take my chances that I don't blow up the neighborhood.

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    You could address the lack of electricity with a small generator that uses natural or propane gas or even a tri-fuel gen set.



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