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Zippo lighters, drying out?

This is a discussion on Zippo lighters, drying out? within the Survival Gear Reviews and Questions forums, part of the Survival Gear Reviews, Questions, Sell, Swap category; Mine dry out too but the newer one dries out way less than the s&w collector model I have....

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Thread: Zippo lighters, drying out?

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    Mine dry out too but the newer one dries out way less than the s&w collector model I have.
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    Just tested out my Ronson butane in my EDC bag, works fine. Been in there and untouched for months.

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    Djeep Paris lighters are good, they hold a lot of butane and advertise a thousand lights. Mine was orange for high visibility.

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    I do not know how ethanol gasoline burns in a Zippo, but the leaded gas we had in the 60's was not like lighter fluid. It would take 3 or 4 hits of the flint wheel to touch it off, and it burned with a black sooty flame. Probably not too good for the lungs, but hey, we were lighting cancer sticks in a war zone where you could die in the next few minutes anyway. No sweat, GI.
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    For daily use you can't beat a zippo but to store away for later use id almost prefer a bic .

    Windproof butane lighters are great too but refilling them is hit or miss.

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    Got to thinking about em, . . . had to go up and get em out, . . . kinda let em see daylight for the first time in a few years.

    Just part of my little collection:

    May God bless,
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    My uncle got pissed, becouse nephew Deebo ran out of lighter fluid, couldn't find gas, and ended up using COLOGNE.
    He took his Zippo away from me.
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    I love my Zippo's, but for an emergency, I wouldn't trust my well being to one. I've tried about everything except sealing the lid with, or dipping the whole damn thing in wax to try and prevent evaporation. The Zippo also has what I call a "passive flame" so unless you can get it directly under whatever it is you're trying to light, good luck in accomplishing anything except burning your fingers. You can at least hold a Bic sideways to light stuff and get the flame in close proximity to what you're trying to light.

    They're great for lighting your smoke, lighting a dark room as a mini torch or lighting something on fire to light something else on fire, but I'll stick with butane. I have an issue with carrying liquid fuel on my person too, in a survival type situation. I'm that unlucky bastard that would wind up getting a tracer right through the bottle and "POOF", I'm makin' like Michael Jackson.

    I would take a butane torch (like the crack heads use) over a Zippo as well, but they take up a bit more room than either of the other two. I carry a supply of a hundred wooden matches or so and a couple of Bic Lighters with a chunk of homemade fire starter made from dryer lint and petroleum jelly. And yeah, the Naptha burn to the leg from an overfilled Zippo SUCKS.
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    When I started smoking I bought a Zippo, when I quit smoking I had a Bic. Now I don't carry a lighter on my person and haven't for some time.

    I keep a handful of Bics around in the desk, the vehicle and various bags. The Zippos are in a shoe box on a shelf and the fuel stored out with the other flammables.

    These days I EDC a mini EXOTAC (ferro rod) which at one time was anodized green, now it is mostly silver.

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    Besides of zippo and bic any option. Something thwt can be stored for month, easy, and works in the wind?


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