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My first BOB: A photo Journal

This is a discussion on My first BOB: A photo Journal within the Strictly Bug Out Bags forums, part of the General Prepper and Survival Talk category; Originally Posted by Old SF Guy Well good focus on those things you need near term...water storage...either a canteen (2 quart) or bottled water. ...

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Thread: My first BOB: A photo Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old SF Guy View Post
    Well good focus on those things you need near term...water storage...either a canteen (2 quart) or bottled water. some energy bars. Then maybe something to purify water... something to boil water and also cook any food. Some Iodine drops...that can be used to treat cuts, purify water, and ward off infection. Basic weather gear...warm or cold depending on the season....You can never go wrong with a Water proof poncho or tarp. Think about longer term planning...what if you can't go line, hooks, etc. Hygiene items...tooth brush, tooth paste...orajel....Knives...field knife... navigational of area......Good luck.
    Remember to rotate out those energy bars, especially if your BOB sits in the hot car. Change em out every month if that's the case.
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    My first BOB: A photo Journal-img_1483.jpg

    So I spent a bit of time going through the house and getting everything I already had that you guys had been talking about.I came up with my extra camelbak bladder filled with 100oz of water. A patigonia rain jacket that I got on clerance a few years ago for 30 bucks, 3 pairs of socks 1 cotton 2 wool as well as a pair of waterproof pants. a roll of tp. An extra enhaler, some sterile Gauze pads, some anti diahretics, some medical tape, and about 10 exhedrin. 100 round of 22lr blazer, a small multi-tool, and a head lamp. To top it off I have some food includeing 4 energy bars and 3 cans of sardines. I also found some temproary replacement knives.

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    My BOB is actually 4 BOB's for different circumstances. I do not believe you can pack 1 pay to get yourself thru any/all circumstances...

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    A good tarp makes for getting shelter a lot easier as well. The pack I have is a old military pack that has two straps on the bottom, I rolled up a wool blanket in my tarp to keep the blanket dry and snap it all rolled up and out of the way. I am on a fixed income now so instead of the fancy wise meals I will put a few packs of the Knorr brand rice or noddles, some packs of instant potatoes things that you can just add hot water and have stick to your ribs kind of food. Usually you can get them around a $1 a pack. Glad you got you a B.o.B started. You will find if your not careful you will try to put the whole house in there and it does get a little heavy when you do that (don't ask how I know this to be true).lol After you get to using it you will find things you need and things you don't. You might want to get a first aid kit too.
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    that is a nice start kuron..
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    Once you get a stove and something to boil water in, add a dozen packs of ramen noodles to your list. Should cost a couple bucks at most. Get a hat that can block UV exposure. Sunscreen and bug repellent.
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    Now to clean my ALICE Pack and start adding stuff found in this thread.

    After the Lions game on now from London

    After cutting the leaves
    After dismantling the furniture for project wood
    After covering up the air conditioner
    After painting the repair panels on the minivan
    After installing the battery in the BOV
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kur0n View Post
    Thanks for the tip. While it holds alot of sentimental value I didnt realize it was such a hard to find knife. i will look for something else to replace it with on a side note being a stupid kid when I got it I almost immediatly lost the sheath to it, any idea where I can source one?
    Sheath SH208 Knife Sheath 5 Fits Up to 5" Blade Basketweave Leather Black | eBay

    I have bought a couple of these on ebay for knives I had with no sheath. They work well for me.

    edit: just make sure you get the right size/length for your blade. sometimes the description isn't real clear and it takes some digging or a message to the seller to be sure.
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