Midland BackPack 22" 20 gage

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Midland BackPack 22" 20 gage

This is a discussion on Midland BackPack 22" 20 gage within the Shotguns forums, part of the HandGuns, Pistols and Revolvers, Long Rifles, Shotguns, SKS, AK, AR category; I took a chance on buying one for $130 with tax and shipping included. A little research shows it to be a pretty nice shotgun. ...

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Thread: Midland BackPack 22" 20 gage

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    Midland BackPack 22" 20 gage

    I took a chance on buying one for $130 with tax and shipping included.
    A little research shows it to be a pretty nice shotgun. I have wanted something just of this sort for a bug-out situation.
    I went for the 20 gage over the 12 as it will be able to do anything that I would look for it to do in survival situation.
    I will give a review of it once I get it and get a chance to shoot it.

    Here it is

    Midland BackPack 22" 20 gage-maxresdefault.jpg

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    I got it and at first glance it appears to be a pretty well built single shot break open. I will do a more thorough review soon.
    I do have a question for folks. I am not really a shot gun guy and have limited knowledge regarding shotshells and chokes. I have for the most part shot slugs through them for deer hunting. I have shot 00 buck through my vepr on the range a few times.
    The midland came with a modified choke. It is removable and the shotgun will accept all berretta chokes. I got this shotgun to be a backpack survival shotgun. My question.....
    What chokes would you recommend that I get and what ammo/shot shell would you suggest that I look to use? I would like to "be able" to take small game such as rabbit, but also pheasants, possible water fowl and certainly up to whitetail.
    I would look to carry a variety of shells, about 15-20 shells with the shotgun and have storage in the buttstock for a couple of chokes as well.

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    I have seen a few incredibly similar guns at the one gun store, looked awfully nifty but never got the chance to handle one. For me I like a modified choke, I have an Ithaca side by side 16 gauge which is my primary upland bird gun. The lead barrel is an improved cylinder with the follower being an improved modified. My Mag 10 is an extra full choke and is one helluva buckshot gun, I use it mostly for coyote hunting and waterfowl hunting. If it was me I would not worry about slugs, I would get the tightest choke you can and use buckshot. Truthfully I would get some birdshot and see how it patterns then go with buckshot. If you're going to use steel shot with waterfowl which when s.h.t.f and this gun is used for the purpose you're intending to use it for putting meat on the table Mr. Game Warden won't be there to complain but I would suggest getting a box or two of steel shot and the proper choke ( I know some Beretta chokes say lead only ) I think steel patterns differently maybe it's me though.
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    Modified choke is the best for general purpose use.
    Rabbits and squirrels, use #6 birdshot.
    Waterfowl? I am unable to give a recommendation.
    On deer, slugs will always work. With buckshot, the 20 ga problem is commercial shells are USUALLY #3 buck in the 2 & 3/4", and #2 in the 3". For a Florida size deer that may be OK, larger deer maybe not.
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