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Thoughts on The Pursuit of Freedom and Happiness and a New Home...

This is a discussion on Thoughts on The Pursuit of Freedom and Happiness and a New Home... within the Preppers Retreat and Lodge forums, part of the General Prepper and Survival Talk category; Just out of curiosity I browse property/land prices around the black hill in SD. Pretty damn affordable. I once had the idea of buying land ...

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Thread: Thoughts on The Pursuit of Freedom and Happiness and a New Home...

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    Just out of curiosity I browse property/land prices around the black hill in SD. Pretty damn affordable.

    I once had the idea of buying land and putting a 5th wheel or travel trailer on it with a metal shed over it. Put i a cistern and septic and you’d have an inexpensive vacation home. And amazingly I did discover a 40 acre lot with just such as set up.

    You should do well Slippy.
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    I agree, the South as I once knew it is lost.
    Too many moving from the Northeast and bringing socialism with them.

    I have never been to Wyoming, but everything I have read about it, every picture I've seen, truly makes me want to live there.
    But, alas, Wife is 74, I'm 72, we carved our little homestead out of a pine forest, it's all paid for, and we are stuck. I'm just too old and tired to do it over again.

    The only place I've been out west was 15 months spent outside Colorado Springs, in the foothills of the Rockies.

    It's already snowing out in Wyoming. I follow a news outlet out there, a friend lives in a town called Lander, Wyoming.

    Wishing you the best of luck, my good friend. Sometime in 2022 I'll be hooking up my little travel trailer for a jaunt around Alabama, Georgia, and maybe Mississippi. A visit with @Denton is on my short list, and although I don't drink anymore I'd like to present you with a bottle of fine Tennessee sippin' whiskey.
    As I get closer to the actual trip, we can work out the details. I'll bring some weaponry and ammo for fun at your home range. M1, M1 Carbine, M1A, 1903A3, a couple Mausers, maybe the AK and the SKS.
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    Don't move so far into the Black Hills that you can't have access to a decent medical facility, Mr Slippy.
    If there's no second amendment, they'll be no first amendment for very long either.

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    Godspeed with your plans Mister Slip !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slippy View Post
    We knew Slippy Lodge wasn't perfect when we bought the land, and we knew that someday suburban spread would inch closer and closer.

    We put a good deal of thought/analysis/hardwork/money and love into the Land and House to make it as close to perfect as we could...and while we never thought we'd sell, situations are occurring that Mrs Slippy and I finally made the decision to buy another piece of land and begin the process of building Slippy Lodge II.

    The challenge is that we have settled on The Black Hills of South Dakota or The Black Hills of Eastern Wyoming to build another little slice of Freedom which is about 1100 miles away from our current place!

    I've got a few more years until retirement and our plan is to split time between the 2 locations. I work out of my home so I have some flexibility but my primary area of business travel does not include The Black Hills so that poses a small problem. Mrs S does not work outside the home and has the flexibility to spend time at our new place and begin preparations etc...

    Our plan as of now is to;

    **Find and Purchase Land-We know what to look for, what to consider as this is not our first rodeo on land buying!
    **After we find the land, Build a Metal Building Garage/Shop/Barn with a 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment
    **Slowly begin to add our preps to the new location

    We have a working set of plans for a small 2 bedroom house and can live in the garage apartment when we decide to build the house. The garage apartment plus the extra bedroom will give us plenty of space for our Sons and their families to visit.

    IF we decide that selling Slippy Lodge I is the right decision and moving full time to the Black Hills, then we can do so with a decent amount of cash. If not, we can split time between the 2 places until we get too old and make the final call when we reach that point. We are debt free and while I don't make the kind of money I once did, having a small mortgage is very do-able for a few years...

    We are keeping an eye on things locally and it doesn't look as good as it did 10 years ago when we bought Slippy Lodge I.
    Freedom is slowly eroding in our beloved Southeastern US and we fear that in a few years, Freedom will be gone.

    BUT...Freedom seems to be in huge supply in the states of Wyoming/South Dakota and taxes are relatively low. There are fewer people and more of the "right kind of people".

    Our decision is made, it is now time to implement but I'd love to hear from you folks and I trust and value your ideas, knowledge and views.

    As with most things, I take my time and try not to do anything quick and "rash". The smart person moves slowly and we plan on moving slowly on this...but there may come a point that time is not on our side so I want to be as prepared as possible!

    Any ideas, suggestions, or thoughts will be appreciated!

    Thanks y'all!


    There is definitely something in the air in the mountain states that smells like freedom. You will LOVE it once your thin Alabama blood gets used to the wind chills in the winter. And South Dakota prairie dog hunting is an absolute gas! Give me a shout when the time gets closer for some advice on how to deal with wind chill. (I know a little bit about that.)

    It has been quite a few years since I was in the Black Hills but I remember it being AWESOME!!! You know my standard advice by heart because you have quoted it here and the orange site a few times, but it bears repeating... When you find a potential spot, go interview the Sheriff. If the Sheriff seems like a freedom-minded man, you will know have found a home. If he is a man with a paper asshole, keep looking.
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    Sounds great but remember your moving into a area with really cold long winters. Those get mighty old quick. Nothing like waiting out 3-5 months of ice and snow.

    Heck I darn near froze to death out there in August on the Goldwing for Sturgis. Camped up in the hills above Deadwood and lows in the low 30's and lower as soon as the sun went down. Back up to 90's by mid morning. Wife and I even put on our rain gear inside the sleeping bag trying to stay warm. Can't imagine winter and the snow.

    I actually think it's a ploy to force the liberals out of the coastal areas. Like with CA and NY driving out people with higher taxes and higher crime etc. Turn some more red states purple or blue. Pretty soon there will be no place to go.
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    Good luck to the Slippies. It’s a great position to be in to create the lodges knowing they or it will be a safe haven for family in any occurrence that might arise.
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    The urban and suburban areas of the South are indeed lost.

    Much of the South however is still God-fearing and loves liberty. In the South, the U.S. Constitution is still followed.

    In Virginia, over 90 of the 95 counties rose up against governor Northam -- a.k.a governor Blackface -- when he pulled the semi-auto ban/confiscation. The sheriffs promised to deputize citizens and provide sanctuary to semi-automatic firearm owners. And hey, VA is a socialist state due to Richmond and the 'burbs of D.C., i.e. Amerikans, not Americans.

    Hate to lose you Slippy in the fight, nevertheless, I must wish you godspeed. Hope you thrive up there. What we call "clothes for winter" do not apply in the Dakotas nor Montana. Having lived -- forced to live -- in the MidWest for a time made us re-think winter clothes.

    Best wishes for your crops. Best wishes for your hunting trips. If you already own a rifle for distance shooting, great. If not, do think about calibers for game up under Canada's belly. Share with us the adaptations you make. You will help others who also may wish to relocate up there -- just won't be me or my wife.

    Again, best of luck.
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