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Bartering Goods

This is a discussion on Bartering Goods within the Prepper Tools forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by Maine-Marine here is the thing.. right now, nobody knows what they will need to bargain for! Nobody can but away everything... do ...

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Thread: Bartering Goods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maine-Marine View Post
    here is the thing.. right now, nobody knows what they will need to bargain for!
    Nobody can but away everything... do all preppers have the right stuff for ringworm, repair a bullet hole in their waterline, replace their water pump....

    if I do not have what the other person wants then hopefully we can reach an agreement on silver, beans, flour, ammo.....
    Agreed, No matter how well and carefully you stock up there will be something you really need. It might be a bucket of roofing cement to repair a leak in your roof or a piece of plywood to cover a broken window. Maybe a piece of guttering to make a roof rain catchment system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammer Six View Post
    No natural disaster in the history of the U.S. has extended past the first mountain range. We wouldn't have to travel farther than about Spokane to catch a flight. But we probably wouldn't have to fly anywhere-- if Spokane is far enough to outrun the disaster, it's far enough to find a hotel and wait.
    how about the spanish flu..killed 600,000 americans.. and that was before we had the wonderful transportation we have today

    Emp hit in the 1859 caused problems around the world

    if all you prepare for is to get out of dodge.. dodge might extend around the world
    Be a Berean

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    Quote Originally Posted by StratMaster View Post
    Some Items I have stocked for barter:
    Toilet paper
    Feminine hygiene products
    Used boots in many sizes
    Lotsa booze
    I gotta admit, this well stocked and prepared Watchman does not have ....... Used boots in many sizes.
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    I will choose to enjoy the journey that God has prepared for me. Hidden Content

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Watchman View Post
    I gotta admit, this well stocked and prepared Watchman does not have ....... Used boots in many sizes.
    Time was, you could go into Goodwill or St. Vinnie's and pick up good used boots/ shoes for $3-$6 a pair... so I would grab a few each time I went in and store them until I had several big boxes full. Now their prices are often outrageous for a used pair, so I have not purchased any more there for years. Garage sales are another place to pick up boots cheap!

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    From personal experience I find the 3 C’s to be the most valued items (during a prolonged power outage caused by severe weather at least)

    Coffee, Cigarettes, and Candles

    Lots of people have a caffeine dependency (like me) and highly value a packet of instant coffee during a time when you can’t pop into your local coffee shop. Try to get the single-serve packets to trade if you can.
    A cigarette goes well with coffee (so I have heard), idk I don’t smoke, but I did have someone offer me 25$ for just 2 cigarettes once. I always keep at least 1 pack for trading
    The prices for a single candle can be astronomical (especially during cold/dark weather). Same goes for kerosene.
    Of course, there are other items that people will want; just in my experience, these have some of the greatest demand. Also, all of these items are easily stored and don’t take up too much space (I keep my cigarettes and instant coffee packets in the freezer). There may be situations where you need to barter for a tank of gas, manual labor or help from a person with a specialized skill. You won’t know till it happens.
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