One of the Milwaukee Tools I received from my brother-in-law was a new folder. I was stunned to find the blade was made with D2 steel, an alloy found in industrial punch presses, some modern flintlock works and possibly railroad spikes. At first my heart sank, as the bevel was irregular and a bit dull. I was imagining just how long it would take to polish this alloy.

It did take a bit last night and some more time over this noon, but the edge finally showed herself. I expected a toothy, cutting device used more often by roughing carpenters and dock loaders. I was quite surprised to find the edge was keen and toasty, and dipping the blade into the light offered not a single, solidary glint off the edge.

If I ever need a knife to punch through a Kevlar bulletproof vest, this will be the tool. It's not very pretty, the dark grey finish is that "weather-beaten" hue, but this folder is going to ride with me for a long while. I don't often carry a meat axe, but now, I'll never have to...

One of The Milwauke Tools I got from my brother-in-law.-dsc03013.jpg

One of The Milwauke Tools I got from my brother-in-law.-dsc03012.jpg