Ideas for Vehicle Preps

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Ideas for Vehicle Preps

This is a discussion on Ideas for Vehicle Preps within the Prepper Tools forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Hello everyone, Iím new here so correct me if I make any mistakes in posting. I would like to share some ideas for vehicle preps ...

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Thread: Ideas for Vehicle Preps

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    Ideas for Vehicle Preps

    Hello everyone, Iím new here so correct me if I make any mistakes in posting. I would like to share some ideas for vehicle preps as well as see what everyone recommends, so hereís a few things Iíve though of:

    Power inverter: plugs into your 12v in your car and gives you the ability to run different outlets. The one I picked up on amazon has 2 wall outlets as well as 2 usb outlets, unlimited uses.

    Prybar, axe, and small bolt cutters: gives you the ability to get through debris and the pry bar can be used in the case helping in an accident. Had to use the bolt cutters and axe when we had some bad storms pass through. Luckily never had to use the crowbar.

    Another thing I recommend doing is picking up some dielectric grease and using it on all the electronic connections in the engine bay. Keeps water out in heavy rain very well.

    These are just some of my thoughts, Iím sure someone has posted about it before but I thought I would share my ideas. Anyone else have recommendations?

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    I always keep some leather work gloves in my vehicle, as well as a basic first aid kit, and a couple of flashlights. I always have a way to make fire and access to clean water.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnL308 View Post
    .....Power inverter: plugs into your 12v in your car and gives you the ability to run different outlets. The one I picked up on amazon has 2 wall outlets as well as 2 usb outlets, unlimited uses. ......
    Ummmm..... limited use. Limited by the wattage available. You'd got to drop a lot of dimes to get one that will run a heavy load life a fridge or sump pump.

    Other suggestions:

    Tool kit (screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, sockets, wire strippers etc.). Jump starter (can double as a 12v supply source). Jumper cables. 12v air compressor (DO NOT get one with a ciggy-lighter cord.... get the good ones that clip directly to the battery!) and a Nut Buddy JR. A battery tender is great for a vehicle that's idle for a time. Hand warmers (If you're subject to cold weather), blankets, road flares or triangle reflectors.

    Water. Always water. And a way to thaw it out if it might be frozen.

    As mentioned.... a good flashlight and first-aid kit.

    No matter what you buy, don't skimp out. Buy quality goods, not the cheap stuff from the discount bins up by the registers at Hazard Fraught and Northern Fool.
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    Welcome and cant fault any of those suggestions. Last time the power went out we had light in the house thanks to the trusty inververter in the trunk of my hot rod Lexus. I keep all kinds of cool things in there.
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    I always stress replacing the OEM tire changing tools with better - good luck getting off lug nuts if the shop guy cranked doing a tire rotation - need a 4 way and a 18" breaker bar along with a cheater pipe ...

    someone mentioned replacing the inflation kit they are supplying vs a tire >>> guess the limit is about 5 years max ....
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    A Smith & Wesson M&P in .40SW as well as a 16.5" Lever Action Marlin chambered in .45-70 is nice to have as well.
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    This what I keep in my truck.
    -Fix a Flat
    -Screwdriver with multi bits
    -100 rounds JHP 9mm
    -Crescent wrench, Pliers,
    -3 flash lights
    -Paracord, Tow Strap
    -Gloves, work and temperature
    -Pill bottle with $20 in quarters
    -Pill bottle with Susan B Anthonys
    -Pill Bottle with Bandaids and cream
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    Don't forget the siphon hose and container.
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    I was going to toss out Fix a flat but that's been said, a compact variation for that would be a tire plug kit.
    I have to agree on the inverter, what do you need 120V for unless you're taking some cordless tools.
    A 5 ton come-a-long, axle strap, tree strap, a couple 3/4" shackles and or a soft shackle.
    A decent socket set of about 200 pcs, and a good wrench set ASE, Metric. assortment of pliers, multi screwdriver, hammer, bailing wire, electrical wiring, Gorilla tape, electrical tape, self fusing silicone tape.
    If you have a pre serpentine belt rig, a pair of panty hose in case you break a fan belt.
    Epoxy putty will fix many manner of things and you can fabricate small part with it.
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    Fire Land
    First Aid supplies
    Several "space blankets"
    Some 550
    A pistol
    A good knife and a Leatherman

    With that, I am pretty well good to go for 24 hours. Anything longer will take prior planning based on the situation.
    rest in peace Corporal Bradley Coy 06/08/92-10/24/14

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