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Favorite fire starters/kindling and alternate fuels

This is a discussion on Favorite fire starters/kindling and alternate fuels within the Prepper Tools forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by LDSreliance Thanks! Good ideas people. I can't believe I didn't think of cow dung. There is actually a field within half mile ...

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Thread: Favorite fire starters/kindling and alternate fuels

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    Quote Originally Posted by LDSreliance View Post

    Good ideas people. I can't believe I didn't think of cow dung. There is actually a field within half mile of my house. Hopefully no one sees hopping over the barbed wire fence to collect poop.
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    there are lots of alt fire starting methods

    atm my fav is vas + cotton ball wrapped in duct tape

    I am tempted on drop torch fuel, but it only has 1 use, no other uses I can see (75% desial 25% petrol from memory)

    there also is a bbq fire starter wrapped individually that I'm tempted to see if it lights off a spark, as that's what these things are about
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    Not sure this method excites you or not but I have used it several times and it's quite effective. Also steel wool can be submerged in H20 and it drains dry pronto so its good from that perspective as well. Can you run out of batteries YES!!! just like you can run out of alcohol. Which I like as well. Just another idea worth knowing about or sharing...
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    I like using hand cleaner gel and either a cotton ball, or pine straw, or whatever. Easy to keep in the car, jacket, purse, etc. the last time we roasted a pig I showed my son how to use toilet paper rolls wetted with hand cleaner to start heating charcoal briquets.
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    Two of you already posted my two favorites. The steel wool and 9v battery, and the knife for shaving wood.
    You can also go to your local newspaper, and get bundles of papers for free. (day old etc.) As part of prepping, you will spend time on some preps, like rolling newspapers into logs. I have heard that you can put the newspaper in a tub of water, then roll tight, tie it up, and allow to dry in the summer sun. You'll want to use several newspapers to make one log.
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    Here is one of my favorite fire starter, yeah, I know I have posted this a couple times already but the guy did ask. As far as kindling, I like using fatwood, although it won't light from a spark, it will burn quite well once lit.

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    Ok, I guess I'm lazy or something. I know they won't last forever, but I carry about a dozen packs of Trioxane fuel to start fire if it's wet or windy or a feather stick won't work. Plus if necessary, I can use it to cook with in a Triangular stove I made.
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    dried tree sap is a natural way to get a fire going and burning hot. evergreens are an excellent source for flammable sap. fresh sap has too much water content so it must be dried out first.
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    Nice video.
    I like the cottonballs soaked with Vaseline, then rolled up tight and put into clear straws. Seal both ends and it will be waterproof and last forever.
    Another straw peice with matches in it
    You mentioned rubbing alcohol, I did a picture set on building an alcohol stove out of coke cans.
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