Mueller is a Democratic Operative for the Swamp

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Mueller is a Democratic Operative for the Swamp

This is a discussion on Mueller is a Democratic Operative for the Swamp within the Political News and Topics forums, part of the General Discussion category; So I'm reading online right now that Mueller is pressing charges or indicting someone next momda? It seems mighty coincidental in a week in which ...

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Thread: Mueller is a Democratic Operative for the Swamp

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    Mueller is a Democratic Operative for the Swamp

    So I'm reading online right now that Mueller is pressing charges or indicting someone next momda? It seems mighty coincidental in a week in which democrats were exposed for colluding with Russian fabricators of a sincerely disgusting dossier on Trump that Mueller would come out with his first charges with a leak to CNN on the pending arrest to be Monday. I can only conclude Mueller is a Swamp defender of the lefts highest order.
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    How could anyone expect anything less?
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    The only early morning, break the door in search has been on Manafort sooooo chances are good it's him.

    I'm guessing whatever it is it is minor and was rushed through to take the heat off the Uranium One scandal.

    The truth- The Clinton's are too well connected and if they went down too many others would go with them.

    Obama was a President and he won't go down either BUT his legacy can/will be severely tarnished.

    Only a pipe dream but wouldn't it be great if Podesta and Wasserman-Schultz were arrested on Monday.
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    An act of desperation to take the attention away from the real culprits?

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    As of publication, every other media outlet reporting the story is sourcing it back to CNN.
    CNN itself reported tonight that typically the subjects of grand jury charges are notified immediately, but in this case neither any subjects, nor their attorneys, have been notified.
    CNN, meanwhile, did not disclose who affiliated with the Muller probe offered these updates. The network's report began with a reference to "sources briefed on the matter" but never shed any light on who the sources are.

    I've read and watched a few things with CNN folks absolutely getting an erection over all this..."The damn is about to break for the Trump administration"

    I'm going to reserve judgement until Monday. Why? because CNN is the only one reporting this. I's CNN.

    And, if anyone is arrested, the media will be so busy covering it, it will give those on the right, investigating the real stories, some cover to bring their collective cases, Mueller, Comey, Clinton, Lynch, Holder, etc, etc, etc....

    Furthermore, Mueller almost has to arrest save a little face.; all this investigation for naught?
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    Democrats are doing more to destroy our country than the Russians could ever hope to do.

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    Muller has to step up his time line. The scam is falling apart. He must move now to go after anyone he can that will be tied to Trump. In the end I hope Muller gets nailed. DNC and CNN, MSNBC is on his ass they are demanding he give them something to run with.
    Muller works for the DNC.
    New life as a house husband, major shift in duties.

    Karl Marx said, "Destroy their culture, rewrite their history. Ruin their art and literature, and defame their heroes, by offering fabrications to scandalize that which they considered good.
    After reading this Obama said I am on it.

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    I love this comment from over at the Hedge:

    "Just remember how the journalists told the public..."The Obama Administration was remarkably scandal free!" LMMFAO! Most reporters missed their true calling as stand up comics."
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    Washington has given new meaning to the phrase Machiavellianism. The depths of corruption and deceit in our government, both sides of the isle, has no measure, I trust no one in our Government and I do not expect that it will correct itself.
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    Mueller is also a major player in a long list of potential crimes with uranium One and Using a Democratic paid for pack of known lies in a fisa court to get a warrant to wire tap the Trump campaign and supply reports to the Obama administration. Rice did the unmasking and As head of the Democratic Party it is no streach to assume anything worth while was shared with the Clinton Campaign. Using the unlimited resources of the federal government by one party to spy on the political activities of the opposition party to win an election makes Watergate look like an episode of ren and stimpy.


    Long jail sentences for dozens are appropriate.

    This doesn't even address the bribes the Clinton's took from the Russians which at FBI Mueller helped to suppress evidence and a witness to Congress that would have blocked that deal. Lots of high ranking Democrats in on that too. How can selling (at least a 145 million plus a few million in speaking fees) 20 percent of our uranium reserves (energy and nuclear weapons) to Uranium One, a foreign company owned by the Russians be good for America? Treason is the answer. Sold out for cash. The Clinton foundation gives about 5 to 10 percent to Charity the rest is over head to pay inflated salaries to board members and cronies, private jets and first class accommodations. This involves Many cabinet heads as well as OBAMA.
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    If you ignored his decades of being a republican .

    Besides being a republican there are all those republicans who appointed him to positions . He served a couple years during a democratic administration and decades in republican administrations.
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