Governors Fanning The Flames of Civil War

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Governors Fanning The Flames of Civil War

This is a discussion on Governors Fanning The Flames of Civil War within the Political News and Topics forums, part of the General Discussion category; We've all seen and read what these Democrat Governors are doing so I won't even repeat it. I know a lot of sheep just shake ...

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Thread: Governors Fanning The Flames of Civil War

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    Governors Fanning The Flames of Civil War

    We've all seen and read what these Democrat Governors are doing so I won't even repeat it. I know a lot of sheep just shake their heads and go along with it. I also know a lot of people who are getting madder than hell. Personally I believe this could be the spark that starts a Civil War in this country. First people will get angry and their will be civil disobedience. The key will be how these Governor's react. I don't think they are trying to start a civil war but I believe they have been given powers and they are enjoying them a little too much. What's the saying "absolute power corrupts absolutely"?

    Our Governor has shown he is enjoying being a tyrant rather than doing what is best for the people. Example: He closed the beaches on a weekend when the temp was supposed to reach almost 100 degrees. My home town of Huntington Beach said "nope" and went to the beach anyway. The next weekend he opened most of the beaches in CA except for Huntington Beach. That was revenge for people not listening to him. That was the act of a tyrant. Now he's done it again. A small northern town had a rodeo with approx. 2000 people in attendance. Now he has opened up every small town around them and declared they stay closed. Even though that town has ZERO Covid deaths and only a handful of people with the sickness. Again, revenge.

    People are getting pissed because we are being lied to and the numbers are being manipulated to push the tyrants agenda. There will become a point of civil disobedience (most likely soon) and if, as RPD pointed out in another thread, the Governor decides to get revenge by issuing Martial Law things are going to go sideways. Unlike the pretty boy tyrant aka governor I have talked to many of We The People and many of them are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Many people are out of work (including my family members). Once good people have their ability to feed their kids stripped from them they become willing to do what they might not otherwise do.

    I guess all I'm saying is I'm starting to see the writing on the wall. I could be wrong but....I'm not.
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    Could it be that California will be the epicenter of the War Against Tyranny? How cool would that be? Ronald Reagan would be proud.

    I suspect there'll be pipelines that will provide supplies. I don't think they'll be able to secure the borders.
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    Would agree things are getting a little out of hand. Tension is very high in our area with some area businesses opening regardless of what our POS gubernor says.

    Another point is the area cops must be very bored and are harassing the public. Any minor problem with your vehicle and you get stopped. So much for social distancing when interacting with a cop and god knows how many other people the idiot harassed today. People are getting mighty sick and tired of this. All in the last month.
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    The writing has been on the wall for quite some time, just waiting on that first domino to fall. Could the China bug be it? Sure as hell could be.
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    We need excessive civil disobedience to these so called governors and the gestapo that goes along with it.
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