I am placing this here because it's a political ideology but feel free to move to a better place if need be.

So I came across this John Mark in my YT side feed. It's pretty interesting. I was wondering if anyone here had any familiarity.

I know I'm not a low IQ person because I've been tested in my life however I'm not a genius and I've got some questions as to what this would exactly look like in practice and I'm curious what other people think of it.

I haven't seen too much on it other John Mark who does a decent job attempting to break it down. I've ventured to the site itself but they've yet to post their 'constitution'. There's also the naysayer POV and for the sake of being well rounded and fair I'll toss up one of those videos too.

I find it interesting and I'm not into it but I'm not repulsed (and for the record, I am female which only matters insomuch that they aren't making it easy to embrace as a female necessarily which I think a foolish loss of opportunity. Women by and large have been injured by 3rd wave feminism and largely hide in the silent majority imo). Anyways, curious about what others have learned and think about it.

Here is John Mark, who is propertarianisms number one fan:

Here is a video which has a title poo poo'ing it entirely as the most autistic and incoherent political ideologies ever created: