Taxing your Rights

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Taxing your Rights

This is a discussion on Taxing your Rights within the Political News and Topics forums, part of the General Discussion category; Party of the pol tax now wants a a national gun license. Geez no chance of a national registry this way. Illegals seem to get ...

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Thread: Taxing your Rights

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    Taxing your Rights

    Party of the pol tax now wants a a national gun license. Geez no chance of a national registry this way. Illegals seem to get free everything but screw the average American.
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    What a two-faced SOB. He's tired of hopes and prayers...

    Well, I have an idea that will turn this around immediately. Mr. Libtard should get into his Prius, drive down to the ghetto and disenfranchise all of the brothers who illegally have guns or who have shot each other. The good guys in the 'burbs have never hurt a soul, so why are they even part of this new law--which is just an old law of confiscation hidden under the word "reasonable."

    If he gets lost, just have someone show him where the "south side" is, usually you can hear the ricochets.
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    Will he also support a Fed issued license to legally vote or legally work?

    I will be eagerly awaiting his answer.

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    Good thing I'm grandfathered in as a gun owner before this and won't have to worry about it.
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    They will take anything they can get, that infringes on our rights!

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    Never happen. With that said, the SCOTUS has agreed to hear two 2nd amendment specific cases (one on shall issue & another on carrying/bearing firearms outside the home) and one other case related to govt agencies (ATF included)having discretion in enforcing laws or being required to follow the letter of the law without discretion. I expect that we are likely to win all three cases and set the stage for a large and immediate expansion of gun rights.
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    The same tired shit from the left. It's not about crime, never has been. That pesky 2A is a thorn in their side.
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    This is where you end up if you sleep for 60 years and allow socialist to take over education. Bit late to stop it now. Dig in hang on storm is coming.
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    After reading this Obama said I am on it.

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    The other word besides reasonable that gets on my nervous system is when they say "common sense" regulation.
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    Ugh, it's Booker. The baby killer.


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