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NBC programing

This is a discussion on NBC programing within the Political News and Topics forums, part of the General Discussion category; Anyone notice a pronounced bias on NBC television shows lately? I’m talking the 1 hour evening programs, not the news shows. They push the anti-gun ...

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Thread: NBC programing

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    NBC programing

    Anyone notice a pronounced bias on NBC television shows lately? I’m talking the 1 hour evening programs, not the news shows.

    They push the anti-gun narrative at every opportunity. In one recent segment a Dr. purchases a gun for self defense and his fiancée demands he gets “help” for his mental issues.

    Seems every show is pushing inter-racial love affairs. They really want this to become main stream.

    And finally, every episode is pushing the LGBT mantra. Two husband or two wife couples. It even extends into the commercials. Two husbands giving the babysitter instructions before going out on a date. One commercial for beauty products uses one transsexual or female impersonator as a model.

    Personally, I don’t much give a damn what you do in your bedroom and who you do it with as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult. But I don’t particularly want to see this shit on TV every night.

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    Turn the channel, radio or a good book. When ratings plummet so will advertising dollars. Money is what they want. The powers that be under write this agenda. How much more are they willing to spend?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Camel923 View Post
    Turn the channel, radio or a good book.
    Ya' beat me to it. It must be going on five years that I quit watching TV and get my news and entertainment from the radio. Our local channel, AM 1310, carries local conservative talk, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. If the news offends you, we also have three religious stations.

    While I love my wife, I do not know why she's glued to her smart phone as she scrolls for something to read while the TV blares junk programming until she comes to bed at midnight. You're not required to watch anything, just shut it off!
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    Turn off the TV. If you need help understanding why, please see the "It's not about the nail" video posted in another thread.....

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    IF, . . . and I laughingly say "IF", . . . all of the shows I'll sit thru actually have a segment in any calendar week, . . . I'm good for 5 hours total in front of the TV.

    Almost every week . . . one or more of them are preempted by something "more important".

    But I have a 32 inch monitor hooked to my desktop, . . . and I probably spend a good 8 hours per week there, . . . watching youtube videos, . . . and maybe another 5 or more on my forums.

    Without Archie Bunker, . . . Sanford and Son, . . . and the Dukes of Hazard, . . . I lost interest a long time ago in numbly wasting time in front of the tube, . . . and I most certainly am finished with watching some 200 lb beached whale tell everyone she depends on Depends, . . . the poor cold puppy that can be saved for only $19 a month, . . . and the constant diet of interracial LGBTQP clap trap.

    Now with spring being 3 weeks away, . . . time to get the rifle range re-done and some rounds down range.

    May God bless,
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    not really the networks - they just agree or not to the programming they buy >>> and the various Hollywierd TV show producers running their agenda isn't new - writers have alot to do with content also ....

    I think ABC is far worse than any of the other of the big networks - when they bring on a new show I'm mildly surprised there isn't blatant agenda bursting at every minute ...
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    If you watch TV one would assume at this point we are all gay and have inter racial relationships/marriages. The straight same race married couple is an rare sight on TV anymore. Especially a white couple. It's just the way the elites want it so they are forcing their agenda on the population. After a few more generations imagine how it will be.
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    Glad you brought this up Chiefster. Have you noticed IF there is a dad or male figure in a show he is portrayed as bumbling or a goofball who can barely manage to tie his own shoes, while the mom or kids are the ones who save the day with their insightfulness and problem solving abilities?
    They are trying to destroy the family unit that has made this country what it is today.


    Ben Shaprio wrote a book on this titled "Primetime Propaganda".
    1 Peter 2:24 KJV
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    ...and all of the middle age working white men are bumbling idiots...if you listen to the evil "entertainment industry"...

    But people, listen and listen well for one day working class white men will get sick and tired of having their buttons pushed. I personally do not know of war or war like things, but men like @Old SF Guy and others will tell you that the most devastating armies have been manned and led by white men.

    One day, the warriors within will get sick and tired of taking shit and watching our liberty being taken... and I predict a hell-like fury to be released...
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    Take a left by where that oak tree used to be
    Don’t watch NBC, CBS,ABC,or PBS


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