Gulftainer, Arabs taking over shipping port in US.

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Gulftainer, Arabs taking over shipping port in US.

This is a discussion on Gulftainer, Arabs taking over shipping port in US. within the Political News and Topics forums, part of the General Discussion category; Have been having problems finding a video to post about this. So I found a transcript of the Judge Jeanie show about the subject. The ...

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Thread: Gulftainer, Arabs taking over shipping port in US.

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    Gulftainer, Arabs taking over shipping port in US.

    Have been having problems finding a video to post about this. So I found a transcript of the Judge Jeanie show about the subject. The judge is talking to Congressmen Duncan Hunter. Basically an Arab based company is opening a container shipping port in the US. Problem is they have ties to some rather nasty people and countries overseas.

    Here's the info from the show.

    PIRRO: Okay, all right I want to move to a topic that I find very interesting, and that is a company called Gulftainer and I know that you're familiar with it, I know that you've been watching it and tell me about Gulftainer, what it is? Who owns it and what does it have to do with American port security?

    HUNTER: So, Gulftainer is the largest Middle Eastern port management and container company. They are from the Emirates. The owner's brother was Saddam Hussein's former nuclear science adviser that helped build some nice nuclear stuff with the North Koreans and the Russians. So that kind of gives you a general take on its corporate hierarchy.

    It's owned by a company called Crescent, also with military Islamic ties in the Middle East and Turkish ties and Russian ties. So, in our wisdom in this country, they ask for a massive port facility in Wilmington and the United States says, "Hey, that sounds great." So, while we are doing all these other things on immigration, stopping people and families of people bringing in marijuana and cocaine across the border, we are opening up a giant port facility where the Russians and our enemies could literally put in massive cargo containers full of -- I mean, name the type of bomb you want to name that they could ever -- anything from chemical, biological, electromagnetic pulse, nuclear weapons.

    The point is that while we are doing all of this stuff with immigration, at the same time, we just handed over one of the nation's premiere container ports to the United Arab Emirates.

    PIRRO: All right, and so you are talking about the one in Delaware. This Gulftainer deal that they say is -- it involves a Club K System. What is a Club K System?

    HUNTER: So, here is what Club K is. It doesn't involve it, but the company Gulftainer is owned by another big conglomerate called Crescent that has ties with a Russia company. Now, we're getting complex, but Trump has already slapped sanctions on the Russian company that makes a cargo container missile system. So it's a cargo container that goes on trains or ships or trucks. It holds four cruise missiles and those can have any kinds of warheads that they want.

    But the point is, Wilmington is about 125 miles away from DC, about 110 miles -- 125 miles from New York City and now we are going to give a foreign country an opening to bring in kind of whatever they want there. So, I'm not saying they are going to use Club K. They are not going to have missile system container boxes coming in, but the option is now there and there is nothing the US can do about it if they want to get by all of our concerns. Because we can set up as many security measures at a port like this as we want to, but if the major owner of that port wants to bypass or get around our security measures, they can do so because they own the port.

    PIRRO: Okay, so they own the port. They have these Gulftainers that are capable of holding a cruise missile?

    HUNTER: Yes. And this doesn't just go from there, but they also control what gets shipped from foreign countries. So if you look at what President Trump did when it came to the Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm, the mix of our 5G/LTE chips, President Trump stopped that. He said no.

    If that's dangerous, if given the Chinese the ability to have the same technology and know the technology companies that own it, that we use in our phones, this by God has got to be massively dangerous. Because you are literally putting lives on the line allowing them bring in nuclear threats right on US soil.

    PIRRO: Well, the amazing part of this is that, you would think that CFIUS would have to approve this and I understand that they didn't. They said there is an exception for this.

    HUNTER: Yes, from what I understand, they did not look at this as a national security case which allowed CFIUS to kind of go around President Trump and around General Mattis, excuse me, Secretary of Defense Mattis. It if was a national security fix, the President and Mattis would have had to have looked at it. From what I understand, they were able to get around that, so that's a loophole that they exploited and that we're going to try to exploit back and still stop them from doing that.

    PIRRO: Congressman Duncan Hunter. We're going to stay on top of this Gulftainer issuer. Thank you so much.

    HUNTER: Thank you, Judge.
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    Open borders at every turn, no matter the cost to citizens.
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    So who exactly is promoting this boondoggle in Washington?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiefster23 View Post
    So who exactly is promoting this boondoggle in Washington?
    Start with Obama, . . . Clinton, . . . Pelosi, . . . take your pick.

    Anyone with no morals, no ethics, no honor, . . . those three are the poster children.

    May God bless,
    If you can breathe, . . . thank God.

    If you can read, . . . thank a teacher.

    If you are reading this in English, . . . thank a veteran.

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    Multiple Somebodies in government have gotten very fat envelopes under the table.
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