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Guard animals

This is a discussion on Guard animals within the Personal Protection, Gear, Mods, Accessories forums, part of the Weapons, Protection, Self Defense, Hand to Hand Combat category; Originally Posted by bigwheel Seems like the military was thinking of using geese as guard animals one time. They are mean and territorial. the Romans ...

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Thread: Guard animals

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwheel View Post
    Seems like the military was thinking of using geese as guard animals one time. They are mean and territorial.

    the Romans beat them to it ....
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    While I believe large dogs are best there are 2 problems with large dogs or any dogs for that matter. They need food and they will announce your home's location to strangers 600 yds away. Right now I'm listening to neighbor's dogs 800+ yds away.

    Dogs can be a mixed blessing if you're trying to stretch out your food and remain unnoticed.

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    Some dogs have big mouths, mine don't, they are trained that way.

    The golden growl's and barks a bit when he sees himself in the bathroom mirror.

    Not worried about food for them, plenty of corn, barley, rye, fish and game if needed.

    They dig up moles and tubers to eat.

    Golden eats ripe tomatoes, ripe raspberries, off the bushes, also digs up potatoes to eat.

    Mind you, they are well fed, I guess instinct drives them to. .
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    Dogs are territorial by nature and will sound the alarm and/or protect. Some are naturally excellent at it, some require more training. I keep mine (Black Lab) primarily as a companion but also as a deterrent. No formal training though as I don't have the time or knowledge.

    Mine will "interfere" if he thinks I'm being too rough on the grand-kids when playing. He plays progressively rougher as the human gets bigger. Very gentle with the little tykes and progresses with the kid he's playing with according to size/age. He can get downright mean with me unless I slow him down.

    No one just walks on by, towards us or the house, without assurance from us that it is OK.
    See how vicious he is?
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    I have 4 livestock guardians. Guarding is instinctual and they require little training. There's no safer place to be than in with the pack! If needed, they'd be turned out instead of penned with the livestock.

    In the house we have a GSD who alerts if there's something serious detected by the LGDs. We're adding a heeler in June to work the stock and it will be a house dog also.

    I'm working on rabbit and pork production to feed them. With current numbers, we need about 12# of meat a day, so it's a big goal to work toward but so very worth it. We found a breed of pig that fattens and marbles well with ZERO grain inputs, so we're just getting started with them.
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    Our Boxer was trained to be quiet. She is a growler. She doesn't eat very much at only 60 pounds, works off of voice commands or hand signals and likes to practice Kung Fu with me.

    She travels well and is easier to clean up after than a goose...
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    And he said that he would admit to no wrong doing the tail is not evidence of any wrong doing.

    Guard animals-100_2060.jpg
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    Hills of Dixie.

    - A have a bull... He's not trained. Just mean as a rattlesnake with a toothache.

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    loud little chihuauaha..Very badass, will stand under the TV and go nuts, but nobody gets on the property without her telling me.
    RIP Corporal BRADLEY COY 6/18/1992-10/24/2014

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    Have a fox red lab.. she hunts pheasants and retrieves the ducks, she will earn her keep in SHTF... in-laws have 2 mutt "rats".. that may be fed to the barn cats or my lab....


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