I don't have any cattle dogs, but my black lab is a great horse/chicken dog. He understands the horse language (Equus) better than any human. He is a work dog & lives to go down to the horses mornings and afternoons. He gets in the stalls with them gobbling up their feed they drop. When we are done with horses, he runs to the dock on the pond, ready to feed catfish... and gobble up any feed that lands on the dock. Then off to the chickens. Now he will kill any bird he runs up against. Don't know what he has against birds. Hell, he even barks at and chases buzzards flying over. But he has been trained to not chase or harm our chickens, so he just hunts for scraps of bread or whatever. When the berries are ripe and we are picking, he goes with us and danged if he doesn't pick them off the bushes himself. With his nose, he gets the perfectly ripe ones.

My other eight mutts are about worthless.