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An oar to the head

This is a discussion on An oar to the head within the Personal Protection, Gear, Mods, Accessories forums, part of the Weapons, Protection, Self Defense, Hand to Hand Combat category; I love dogs. I own one. I also have a Small kid and will shoot if need be. I can deal with little dogs running ...

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Thread: An oar to the head

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    I love dogs. I own one. I also have a Small kid and will shoot if need be.

    I can deal with little dogs running around, not ones that are aggressive and will hurt / kill people.

    I don't want to have to shoot a dog and deal with living near an irate neighbor after. But if I have to, I will.

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    I think animals (Dogs) know a good spirited person, quick story!
    My wife and i were on our honeymoon in Samoa back in 2009, we were in the capital Apia, eating at a beach side restaurant called Fireside Grill, this dog had followed us to the table, (not many rules in a developing country like Samoa) anyways, this old beat up scraggly looking dog with one ear, one eye, missing fur and all scarred up from years of street fighting, comes and sits with us at our table, at first we were a little worried, the manager kept spraying water at the dog and it wouldn't leave, it just kept showing its teeth to the manager, but it was tame around us, so I told the manager the dog was fine under the table, as the night went on, the dog kept to himself, never begged for food, we gave him scraps anyways, but when we were leaving to go back to our Fale(beach hut) the dog followed us down the sketchy streets, now you can imagine these packs of dogs roaming wild in the streets like mentioned above in another post, just like the wild gangs of dogs in Mexico, the lonely planet guide book warned us of these dogs, but as we were walking we encountered a pack of these wild beat up dogs at the end of the street before the resort we were at, and these dogs were looking for trouble, the dogs started to approach us, and with no weapons or rocks, not even a stick to defend our selves with, our little friend took to action and stood between us and the other dogs, and then shit went down, the dogs started scrapping with our defending dog, we backed off and watched the fight go down, our little friend was no amateur at fighting, it took down the group and held its own well, it took a slight whoopin from the others but they all eventually backed down and fled. we made it back to the resort unscathed. our little friend, we never seen him the rest of our two week stay. To this day I believe that dog was a guardian angel, and I won't tell you different, that dog had one purpose in its miserable life, and it's whole life led to that one night protecting the wife and I. I feel sad for what ever happened to that dog, It probably got kicked and teased by the kids, maybe never had a square meal in it's life till he befriended us that night! I pray it had a good life afterwards for what it did for us!
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    Bad Dog owners (and I actually hate saying owners) or rabies...thats the only reason I have ever met a dog that didn't like me. Most people I meet have said that I have a natural attraction for dogs...they just love me and respond well to me...why..because I'm not afraid of any dog. I know I can kill the largest dog in a fair fight so I do not fear them individually. This puts them at ease and less tense around me. But being around bad owners where dogs do not learn basic skills such as social order they can become dangerous and unpredictable. You did the right any suits for when you are actually much of that going on now so save it as a deterrent instead of as a means to make money. unless you are actually harmed and then do what you feel you must.

    Good on you for being aggressive and acting. Thats that he-man hero coming out in you...I'm sure you were not only sad you had to do it, but a bit proud that you did do it and satisfied that you could do it. I'm sure you already knew you where you know for sure. However this may come across to you...I mean it as a compliment sir.

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    I'm glad you, your wife and your dogs are ok. Bad thing is it's more your neighbors fault than the dog's, her for not training her dog. I hope now, she is forced to maintain her dog.


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