Only posting this one or you all

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Only posting this one or you all

This is a discussion on Only posting this one or you all within the News & Links forums, part of the General Discussion category; Ok, I don't think this is news worthy but I'm basically throwing a bone because I find it amusing. Although I do think that ultimately ...

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Thread: Only posting this one or you all

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    Only posting this one for you all

    Ok, I don't think this is news worthy but I'm basically throwing a bone because I find it amusing. Although I do think that ultimately people will be judged by their own sense of religion as the world applies to them, ultimately society judges people and that is suppose to be the justice system for a specific society.

    OK now the story.

    Summary: two guys get pegged with plotting to derail a train. One of them is appealing because "he should have been judged under Sharia Law, not the law of Canada, Ontario etc.." (the other guy ironically is trying to get a new trial because he couldn't get a seperate trial from the guy who wants to be judged under Sharia Law)

    Via Rail terror plotter wants to be tried by laws of Qur?an | Toronto & GTA | Ne

    Via Rail terror plotter appeals verdict | Brantford Expositor

    Convicted Via rail plotter to appeal terror conviction - The Globe and Mail

    They didn't even have trains when the Quran was made. The steam engine wasn't even invented yet. I think this guy is trying to get off because there is no law on the book for plotting to derail a train in the Quran. Its like me trying to get off for bank robbery by saying judge me by the bible, cause you know Jesus wasn't down with money lenders either, you know, in the kingdom of god, everything is provided. So bank robbery should be judge as an act of justification, not moral wrong. No sorry if this goes to appeal then that is suprising.
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    To bad they are being Judged when they could have beeen carried by 6
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    I like the term Sharia creep. Countries allow small issues to be settled by a local Imam. Some countries are even allowing them to adjudicate domestic violence cases (I'm sure the women are treated very fairly). Once the camel's nose is under the tent so to speak your country is lost. There is only one law in these United States and it is what all within our borders must be judged by. Imams can dole out all of the marriage advice they want and recommend whatever they want. they can be just like any other clergy. I will never be judged under Sharia and I will never kneel at the order of some Iranian sailor and I damned sure won't APOLOGIZE! Made me ashamed to be a sailor.
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