Maybe the only way to get out of this mess would be to get all the rich companies that headquarter their "wonderful" money grabbing corporations to, for one year, pay to the country they are based in all their profit. While I am not in the poverty band of my country I know that when everything comes down to it you have to get the oil barons to release their iron fist around the throats of the whole population. When you think of it, inflation is solely based around base products. When you think of it, farmers are charging more money to sell their product. Why? Because of two factors, property taxes and gas to run their equipment (I'm sure there are a few other issues but I'm sure most of them, when you follow the trail either ends in higher taxes or because of oil). If we could get our populations to rely on more sustainable methods then the majority of these economic issues would probably cease to exist. So, maybe our governments should now impose what I would like to call the "decades of gouging" tax and disallow these companies to layoff workers for a year and disallow them to raise their prices and watch how our national debts would start to be erased.