More money?

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More money?

This is a discussion on More money? within the News & Links forums, part of the General Discussion category; Ebola crisis: US president Barack Obama asks Congress for $US6 billion in emergency funds - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Looks like he's more interested ...

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Thread: More money?

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    More money?

    Ebola crisis: US president Barack Obama asks Congress for $US6 billion in emergency funds - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Looks like he's more interested in caring for his own than for the country he works for. Wouldn't be surprised if you suddenly get some Ebola just to make the money come quicker:D

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    It's really quieted down here. No new cases I've heard of.
    In case the rest of the world hasnt gotten the memo...spread the word...WE ARE BROKE!
    Well, I've still got a little in my piggy bank.
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    We should probably give it to him. They just discovered a possible ebola case in Boston!
    I wouldn't want to be part of any organization that would allow me to be a member.

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    No! These monies are just pocket lining. Billions have already been pilfered off and enriched cabal and cronies while obola still fails as a real disease threat.
    More people will die of flu this season than obola doubled.
    Curiously, flu and death have come earlier this year and the main one out now is not one that gets babies and old ladies. It gets the mid range able bodied. (It also, curiously enough, tries to become a pneumonua and leave behind a lingering congestion...which would serve the "you coughed, quarantine!" Oby just signed)
    Not that we won't have 3 or 4 strains running full by February.
    This is the cheapest, most obvious, fakest fleecing job ever, probably because:
    More money?-uploadfromtaptalk1417576423762.png

    Innate incapability to get anything right.
    Also, on the eid* topic, it is obvious all disease info is being manipulated. They have figured out going past press to directly alter reporting. We are down to what we see and what our own microscopes tell us.
    EID = emerging infectious diseases. Get familiar. These are not only the people who see the biggest fraud, they are also the agents the cdc uses to decide people have no rights and are property of cdc. Like the fake nurse in the fake quarantine. Fake.
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    I tried to post some pictures of Africa, not the ones you see on TV but the mansions, palaces, and extravagant homes. Africa has the means to deal with it's own problems for the most part, and the countries that do not can be supported by their rich neighbors.



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