U.S. less racist under Trump

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U.S. less racist under Trump

This is a discussion on U.S. less racist under Trump within the News & Links forums, part of the General Discussion category; What!?!?!??!?!?! How can this be true? The media says the exact opposite and they can not be questioned because they're all smart and stuff. A ...

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Thread: U.S. less racist under Trump

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    U.S. less racist under Trump

    What!?!?!??!?!?! How can this be true? The media says the exact opposite and they can not be questioned because they're all smart and stuff.

    A study conducted by University of Pennsylvania sociologists showed that, contrary to mainstream reporting, America is less racist under President Donald Trump than more racist

    But a study can be rigged and this one must've been. Everyone knows Obama is the great uniter.

    sociologists Daniel J. Hopkins and Samantha Washington gathered a randomly-selected panel of 2,500 Americans whose changing opinions have been under study since 2008. The two expected to hear an increase in prejudicial remarks from the subjects, especially from the Republicans in their group.

    However, the found the exact opposite:
    Nothing we didn't all already know but it's nice to hear someone else say it.

    First you have to give up. First you have to know, not fear, know that someday you're going to die.

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    Get a load of this crap for brains piece....
    Hopkins and Washington don’t know for sure why America has become less racist, but theorize that Trump’s comments on other races have been so racist that it has kicked up self-awareness within the population.
    "Comments on other races have been so racist..." ? Obviously these impaired tards have not been hearing what Trump has actually been saying. When everything is racist, nothing is racist....
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    it just seems that way because the blacks lost their major race card on the national level >>> for those 8 years just about every black felt envied to play it because Obammy used his like a damn club ....

    just lucky as hell that Obammy wasn't able to stir up more trouble - he was chiefly responsible for both Ferguson and Baltimore >>>> HIS LEGACY
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    We all know that Trump doesn't say racist things. We also know that his economic policies have lifted all racial ships. No reason for one group to blame another group for anything when all groups are feeling optimistic.
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    In my 60 years I haven't noticed color as a defining barometer of stupidity. Can we just call stupid, stupid? Not according to the liberal socialists. They need the race card for votes and power.
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