Greetings from Southeastern Ohio!

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Greetings from Southeastern Ohio!

This is a discussion on Greetings from Southeastern Ohio! within the New Member Introductions forums, part of the Introduction and Welcome category; Hello everyone! Wanted to get into prepping for a while now, and seeing as everything's likely to go down the toilet come November, I figured ...

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Thread: Greetings from Southeastern Ohio!

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    Southeastern Ohio

    Greetings from Southeastern Ohio!

    Hello everyone! Wanted to get into prepping for a while now, and seeing as everything's likely to go down the toilet come November, I figured now's a good time. Just wanted to say hello to the community and share where I am with my preps (and hopefully receive some advice and direction).

    My location: Athens, Ohio. I'm outside of town, but not as far out as I'd like to be. Live in a duplex house (we're upstairs). Need advice on a BoL. TONS of national forest land so that's where my mind immediately goes.

    Food: I have a small amount of dehydrated food. Enough for maybe a couple weeks. Plan on stocking up on that since it has such a long shelf life. (30 years).

    Water: I do not have any water stored. I do, however, have a Katadyn Vario microfilter and iodine tablets. I don't have a lot of storage space so I was thinking of sticking with filters and iodine tablets rather than large stores of water. Need advice!!

    Defense: I have a S&W MP Shield 9mm as my personal carry. My wife has a Ruger LCP custom. Probably a couple hundred rounds for each. My first order of business with my preps is to get a long gun. Probably going to build an AR15 from Palmetto State Armory. Thoughts?

    Other stuff: I do have a bugout bag in case we need to move quickly from our home. Contains small medical kit, extra clothes, sleeping bags, water filter, food, knife, paracord, MSR pocket rocket stove w/gas, and a magnesium fire starter.

    I know it's not much, but hey it's a start right? Probably more than the average Joe. But I encourage and welcome any advice that some of the veterans out there can offer! Thanks in advance!
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    Greetings from PA. With the filters and iodine tabs, do you have a close by natural water source? Sawyer minis are very convenient. Are you bugging in or bugging out? If bugging out, shelter will be on your list and a plan as to destination and route. Good to see you have started.
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    Hello from KY. I know where Athens is I used to live in SW Ohio and made a few road trips.
    Lots of good info here!

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    God's Country (aka Texas)
    Hearty welcome on over here from Foat Wurth, TX. Let us strive to not be no steenken strangers.

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    Welcome from Alabama.
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    Welcome from South Texas. If you have a bath tub, look into a water BOB.

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    Welcome from NE Texas.
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    Welcome to PF from NC . We all have to start some were , you are doing good , if you are planning on begging out to a park I would get a camper " a small pop up will do " to pull behind your BOV ,, you can stock it up with supplies , I know a few people that are doing that . Good luck and keep posting .
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