Through the years I have visited sites such as as a Guest to gain knowledge and read about favored topics and comments from like-minded folks. I live on the Eastern Seaboard and come from a background in IT Systems Development having started out in the field as a 'C' programmer back in the proverbial day. I'm also a long-time Life Member of the NRA and not afraid to be out in the woods, in fact I'm more comfortable in the deep country than I often am in cities.

What finally pushed me to go ahead and register and introduce myself is a feeling that we may actually be getting to a point in America where being prepared will sincerely pay-off. I've been watching the far-left turn liberal led cities and their streets into utter chaos and am concerned their desires are to lay waste to capitalism and bring about a socialist government in America. Should that path be taken it will obviously have dire results for the country and likely would provide us with that "Economic Collapse" scenario that so many folks believe will come to pass.

Thus, recently I started spending more time on the Prepper sites and have even started to check out some of the Militia sites. Such informational knowledge, resources and practice is becoming more important as these things we're seeing go down in our cities are something that can't be ignored much longer, especially when local governments continue to sit back and allow these incidents to occur without any real policing.

Nonetheless, I'm glad to be here and look forward to participating.