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This is a discussion on New here within the New Member Introductions forums, part of the Introduction and Welcome category; I am just going to go out on a limb here and talk to myself as I await Chowder to respond to the questions above. ...

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Thread: New here

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    I am just going to go out on a limb here and talk to myself as I await Chowder to respond to the questions above.

    I am the oddball on this site as I researched and designed a large group survival plan before building it. So instead of starting out as one family with needs I planned for the needs of 60 persons. That has given me a different view from most. Although it may not be the right view, it is a different view.

    I began with the viewpoint that we were climbing into a lifeboat for a period of time and our goal was to stay alive when we reached land. We were not concerned in having the same healthy body as when we got in the boat. (money constraints, of course).

    So we started with calories first. 1,200 per day is considered starvation. so we planned for between 1,500 and 2,000 per day.
    Quick Hint: Rice and noodles are the cheapest and easiest way to deliver survival food to people. (Cost, long-term storage and preparation wise).
    (We can calculate calories in just the rice and noodles for a quick estimate on sustainable calories on hand.)

    Next we looked at protein. The cheapest was beans and rice which combined turns the rice into protein. (Most of the planet already knows this.)

    Then we looked at fuel economy. Anything stored in a can is fully cooked and can be stored for about 40 years.
    This includes canned hams at $3.00 per pound.
    Be aware that dried beans takes 1.5 hours to cook for dinner. The more fuel you burn the more your neighbors can see the smoke and smell dinner.
    We tried to get down to one pot quick meals.

    Then we addressed food burn out by adding a bunch of flavors.

    Math problem?
    We came up with a one month plan per adult. Then just multiply it by the number of months each adult plans to hunker down. A child is 1/2 rate.
    (We even condensed it down to Cubic Feet per Adult so we don't have to count cans.)

    From the above goals we then developed three nourishment plans for our members, depending on their money situation.

    P. S. Sound Spartan and unromantic? I am reading a book about shipwrecked sailors. The journal of one survivor describes eating a very old and disgusting tasting sea lion.
    He mentioned, "Starvation is a marvelous sauce."
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    Welcome to the group from southern AZ.
    I really want one of these!Hidden Content

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prepared One View Post
    Howdy, don't worry about the math of it, Politicians don't and they seem to get their ass elected every year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prepared One View Post
    Hey! I knew a mean ass bitch from Crenshaw County once. You don't suppose..............
    Careful! Misspell the county name! They're high-tech rednecks, now. She might be tracking for people who mention the county in search of back child support!
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    Welcome buddy.

    In my opinion is math the thing that makes us different to the animals. But sometimes i guess its an easier life as an animal without these problems like unpaid bills and stuff like this.
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    Hearty welcome from DFW. A smart person would stock up on single serve cans of Beanie Weenies from dollar tree. Very cheap tasty and contain all food groups. Most perfect food short of mothers milk. Looks like Amazon has em too.
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    Welcome, welcome! Mathematically speaking that two welcomes.

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    Glad to see a humble introduction. You'll learn a lot here. Welcome

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    Welcome from Ohio

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    Welcome from Florida.
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