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Hi from Tel Aviv

This is a discussion on Hi from Tel Aviv within the New Member Introductions forums, part of the Introduction and Welcome category; Originally Posted by Slippy I'm sorry people were rude to you, most people are not rude to me, at least more than one time! Thanks. ...

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Thread: Hi from Tel Aviv

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slippy View Post
    I'm sorry people were rude to you, most people are not rude to me, at least more than one time!

    As far as your comments that I highlighted in red....you have bought into the socialists talking points hook line and sinker...
    No, not really. My point has nothing to do with whether or not the current situation (taxing us to death to pay for this crap) is right or wrong. I know it's wrong. I know you know it's wrong...You should know that I know it's wrong; I'm here at this forum aren't I? Come on now Mr Slippy, I've been here how many years now? 99% of the people that frequent this forum are for lowering taxes and limiting government. The ones that aren't (aka liberals) stick out like a soar thumb and get flamed. Right? So, anyway my point is about the simple fact that--right or wrong-- someone's gonna have to take care of these people when they're old. Underpopulation has thrown a monkey wrench into that scenario.

    Let's step back and say we had more Americans because people had more children. We have an economic collapse. Money's gone; credits shot...Odds are better that the old folks could find at least one kid who could take them in.

    If that was indeed fully true, and it is partially true...but if the politicians really believed that they wouldn't be giving TRILLIONS of dollars to other shit hole countries and welfare, food stamps and other benefits to NON WORKING PEOPLE!
    In theory, yeah; if they had any morals, that is. But they don't. They're just concerned with their own little worlds and their own wealth and they don't care about this country, most of them.

    Jeesh woman, did all those kids make your brain soft?
    I dunno, maybe. If so, it--they--were worth it. For sure.

    Just kidding! You and your family have obviously done the right things but you, like millions of others, have bought into what the evil media and politiicans have led you to believe...BUT ALAS, we are here to save you!
    We'll see how it plays out over the next 20-30 years or so. Cheers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarchist Abroad View Post
    Great! I hope you won't mind if I use some good ol' American elbow-grease to build my car

    LOL it's the absolute opposite... on both levels - the (relatively) modern combustion chamber generates heat of 700-800°F and creates super-heated steam (using the steam generator I previously described), which in turn expands to 50,000 it's original volume. The pressure, as you can imagine, is astronomical and is quite easily maintained at that level as long as the system is balanced (i.e. - as long as heat and water keep being present in sufficient quantities). It is extremely efficient since you use exhaust steam (much lower pressure, but still gas) from the engine to feed the steam generator and that accounts for optimized "miles per gallon" performance.

    So, there is no drop in pressure, and furthermore - the attributes of piston-based steam engines are that EACH stroke is a full work stroke (as opposed to internal combustion engines) and that similar to electric engines but contrary to IC engines - all the torque is available at the first revolution (meaning you get the entire engine's torque at your first touch of the acceleration pedal). Not only it means that such cars are superior haulers, but also that there is no need for gears at all. Almost all steam cars in history did not have transmission, just direct drive, as the engines could handle the task at whatever speed, weight, incline, surface conditions, etc. The downside is of course, that the speed is limited to the engine's upper rev limit, but that should still get us up to at least 50 MPH, which I can live with considering the other huge benefits it delivers.

    There is one serious benefit to the super-heating process that has hardly been discussed in steam power literature because... it mostly appeals to preppers : the smoke coming from burning the fuel (wooden material) is also burned, resulting in pure, transparent, odorless emissions. When you'll use the car there will be no noticeable traces of smoke that any 3rd party can pick up on and pinpoint your location.
    OK...I see were my problem was...You said there was no "Boiling"....what you meant was their isn't a boiler per say...but a manor to convert water into steam rapidly...which boiling is a natural state that the water will obtain, even though only for a fraction of a micro second before it becomes steam... So....no boiler but rather instant steam produced in a combustion type multi cylinder non boiler engine...where theirs no boiling ...but water is converted to steam....mmmkay.....Got headache...going to bed..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old SF Guy View Post
    mmmkay.....Got headache...going to bed..
    LOL that's was exactly my thinking... he knows better than me so I roll with it

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    This thread seems to have jumped the tracks so to speak. The Sun in over the yardarm and the cocktail hour has officially started as our nice old Jewish pal happened to mention along with the schematics of the new steam engine. Think I will have a shot of redeye.
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