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Underground Bunker Family Introduction

This is a discussion on Underground Bunker Family Introduction within the New Member Introductions forums, part of the Introduction and Welcome category; I took the advice of my good pal Deebo and watched your video and he is right... You have a lovely family. I am looking ...

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Thread: Underground Bunker Family Introduction

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    I took the advice of my good pal Deebo and watched your video and he is right... You have a lovely family. I am looking forward to hearing more about your adventure.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaterielGeneral View Post
    Hey Welcome to The Forum. I think myself among the others will be very interested in your family trip.

    I hope you keep this thread or if you choose to start another thread up to date with your ups and downs, positive and negatives and everything about your journey Underground.

    Good luck

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    Thanks. we plan on making daily videos so we are forced to keep people updated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deebo View Post
    @bunkerfamily , that's awesome, Please elaborate on your other preps, do you enjoy canning, fishing, hunting?
    Is this a "real show" or scripted material?
    Hey Deebo, We have mostly just worked on food storage up until now. We are a bit new to prepping outside of this, except all the things I've learned from becoming an eagle scout. The videos are not scripted but because we are doing them daily, it does force us to be a little more proactive with our activities. The videos are just our family updates and the things we are doing and thinking through. We are new to making videos but my kids are youtube lovers and they are trying to learn everything they can about making videos in this process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A Watchman View Post
    Bunker Family,

    Q. Do you have a contingency plan for pizza delivery?
    Good question. I like your way of thinking! I guess we have to either wait by the road or do pickup to keep our location private. But ideally we want to be as self sufficient as possible so if we never order delivery again, I'd be ok with that. What about we just make our own wood fire pizza oven?

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    An Eagle Scout, in past terms, is a hellova distinction. Awesome.
    I don't know about today.
    Sweet, well, we have lots of great discussions on here, food sealing, jerky making, grilling, growing, smoking (meat, cheese and vegetables HA), I saw in your video, you have a great looking pantry. We talk about all kinds of great stuff here, and we occasionly fight, and according to red line, we misspell words too.
    I wish you luck, and will follow the progress.
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    Howdy, from Texas.

    An interesting venture you've set off on. In order to properly ascertain your chances of survival in this bunker, we will need to know the GPS coordinates. We can then accurately asses your environmental concerns and potential areas of unforeseen danger... like marauding raiders who randomly obtained your GPS coordinates.

    I don't know if 16' ceilings will be enough to contain that hairdo.

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome bunker family, a freind of mine purchased an old comms bunker 10 yrs ago. Todate, I know it is located in Kansas and have been informed of its rough location and at what dinner to meet my freind at. You in in for hell of ride to update some systems, cleaning out large fuel storage tanks for the big industrial diesel generator, which that will need maintenance. Your air pressure check valves will need monthly checks and annual maintenance themselves. Hope you got some good mechanical skills. I am retired navy and worked on pressure equalization check valves, firemain valves and magazine spinkler system valves from 1/2 diameter to 16 inch diameter. Like I said welcome and get ready for some serious work. Oh by the way, your diesel generator fuel storage capacity is going be close to 10,000 gallons. Right now to top off that is $300k right there with the price of fuel in my area. And that is if the tanks are clean. You should stock pile a couple yrs worth of filters for fuel supply line as well. Yes sir, in for big undertaking there.

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    Hell I bought my underground bunker for $600 it's 4x 8x 6 and comes with a granite stone marker. Bound to last me a lifetime. Other than that my ass is staying above ground.

    Good luck to you and I hope your kids don't end up like "The Hills have eyes" folks. All in all an underground home can be like any other home...comes with pluses and negatives. just paint some window scenes on the walls to keep the mind right.

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    Interesting videos. My only suggestion is to try and equalize the volume of talking and the music in between. I've found that to listen I had turn the volume way up, then the music comes on in between things and its way too loud. Makes it very difficult to listen to and I was tempted to just stop watching. The pet store one was the worst, but the penny one was only marginally better. As for the bunker, when do we get a video tour?

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    OK @bunkerfamily Dad,

    Ordinarily I'd rip you a new one but for some strange reason I was quite captivated by your Project. There is certainly some obvious pluses and minuses to living in a Bunker but then again there are plenty of pluses and minuses to living in a ordinary dwelling above land, or in a subdivision, or in a high rise or whatever.

    Regardless, I will give you my very difficult to earn "Slippy Approved" Badge and look forward to more info from you.

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Your friend,



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