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Any tips on getting better? Any ole knife or do you have special 'throwing knives'?

Not trying to be rude or anything but I have very little luck throwing my pocket folder.....should I get throwing knives then?
A pocket folder is going to be greatly imbalanced, and unsuited for throwing.
You want a balanced blade and tang on a throwing knife. The skill you must learn is to judge how many revolutions the knife will make in the air before hitting the target, and tune your throw to deliver the point at that distance.
The movies like to show knives being thrown in a straight line, point always first, like an arrow, but that's not realistic. Sure, you can make it fly like that, but you won't be able to impart nearly the same force as a proper end-over-end throw.
Pick up a cheap set of knives intended for the purpose, and practice practice practice. If you ever think you'll actually need to throw a knife, it should be one designed for the task.