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Some thoughts on hatchets/small axe

This is a discussion on Some thoughts on hatchets/small axe within the Knives, Swords, Blades, Axes, Spears, Daggers, Machetes forums, part of the Weapons, Protection, Self Defense, Hand to Hand Combat category; Originally Posted by rice paddy daddy ...If you know what a cant hook, or a peavey is, you will be right at home. Ahhhh, simpler ...

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Thread: Some thoughts on hatchets/small axe

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    Quote Originally Posted by rice paddy daddy View Post
    ...If you know what a cant hook, or a peavey is, you will be right at home.
    Ahhhh, simpler times. Terms of my younger years;

    Dibble Bar (or Stick)
    Cruising Timber
    Short Leaf/Long Leaf/Slash/Loblolly
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    The Estwing and the scarce Buck Brothers which is almost identical, are the best for money/quality ratio.
    The handles do not break off either!!!
    They have to be sharp for notching and chipping, these hold their edge quite well.
    Also unlike a hawk, have a better weight for general usage.
    I have several, one for general usage,
    two are put up with the two man Simonds x-cut saws for debarking prior to using the saws.
    I can't use an ax because of my back, so like RPD, I use a huskie.
    Again due to back, I use a homemade hydraulic splitter.

    I use a belt sander for putting on an edge.
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    I use this small axe for camping and bush whacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackcat View Post
    For weeks now ive been in the woods cutting down beetle kill pine trees and bucking them up for firewood.
    In the process ive built a wood shed and a few other odds and ends using small diameter logs.
    It involves notching, peeling, shaping and delimbing. A few other projects that also require some handy blade work as well. In all cases I found both small and large knives were very inadequate for the job. My small cheap hatchet became my handy tool of choice. Normally I dont use hatchets much so I figured a large blade would do anything a hatchet would. That doesnt seem to be the case.

    I keep my axes sharp enough to shave with. Ive met some who say they arent meant to be sharp, others that say its impossible to put a sharp edge on them... Meh... I like them sharp and have no trouble puting a razor edge on one (yes it handles the abuse)
    My hatchet has been serving well as a small axe for splitting stuff a knife a scraper and everything in between.

    Ive owned a few of the store baught hawks and hatchets (tactical type)
    They were all to light or had an edge and shape that I didnt like very much.
    Hatchets like this one from a hardware store... A little better shap and it has the weight and balance that works well for me. But these are often cheaply made and painted to cover flaws. The edge is also a bit narrow for my use.

    It occurred to me... The axes that were used in the past by some tribal groups are almost perfectly designed.
    Something like a small broad axe. Shorter than a splitting maul or wood axe. Longer and heavier than a hawk or hatchet. Slightly thinner blade body and a longer cutting edge.

    If a knife isnt cutting it for you... This could be an option to consider.
    Yes there are many things that hatches and axes excel at. As you've found out. I use a estwing like previous mentioned. I also have a fiskars ax and thing has been great. I also have a very old hand forged ax head that I hung on a new hickory handle as a felling ax. But I'll use my stihl chainsaw whenever possible.

    I keep mine sharp with a file. I have never heard of anybody saying they aren't meant to be sharp... Sounds like bad advise to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rice paddy daddy View Post
    I patronize Bailey's Chainsaws. They offer a wide range of woodland related equipment, clothing, boots, etc. They are geared toward professional timbermen, but weekenders can find good stuff too. Everything they sell is quality, no cheap crap.
    Husqvarna Chainsaws, Outdoor Power Equipment and Tree Care Supplies from Bailey's

    If you know what a cant hook, or a peavey is, you will be right at home.
    If you can't move it by hand, use the CANT hook,and you can.

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    Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe is the one I'm going to get. And eventually a good felling axe. Wranglerstar on you tube has lots of good videos on axes.

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    That is nice, but a little heavy. Today they are making lighter, slimmer models that are excellent. I just bought one a couple weeks ago made of titanium. Came razor sharp. I have used it a few times, as i wanted to test it for durabilty, and quality. Believe it or not, i bought it at WalMart. It has not disappointed yet. Is light weight, sturdy rubber handle, but no sheath. Comes with cheap plastic end covers. Is not from SOG. Is made by Camillus. All Black tool. It saves weight in my pack also. Will send pic if anyone is interested.

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    Some thoughts on hatchets/small axe-snapshot_20160111_1.jpg

    Here is the axe


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