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Ideas for cheap practice ?

This is a discussion on Ideas for cheap practice ? within the HandGuns, Pistols and Revolvers, Long Rifles, Shotguns, SKS, AK, AR forums, part of the Weapons, Protection, Self Defense, Hand to Hand Combat category; BB/pellet gun and 9mmm brass at thirty feet. Or Little Green Army Men. I like to throw in model cars and stuff, too, just for ...

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Thread: Ideas for cheap practice ?

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    BB/pellet gun and 9mmm brass at thirty feet. Or Little Green Army Men. I like to throw in model cars and stuff, too, just for the holes.

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    I try to get to the range now and then and pretty much use 22LR and 9MM. Lately I have been shooting a 1911 CO2 airgun at home and find it is very similar to
    firing the real 1911 until the BB is on it's way! The fit feel and finish is so similar to my Colt 1911 and the trigger feels very close too so why not practice with it?
    I have a Bow target set up downstairs and it works just fine!

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    You can reduced the cost of shooting a 45-70 by casting your own bullets and reloading. I can shoot 100 reloads for about half of what was mentioned for a box of 20 factory loads. I honestly think that for the 45-70 casting and reloading is the only way to go.
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    The Dark Corner
    Yep, you beat me to it.
    And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him;... Genesis 16:12

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    I've started reloading several different .45-70 loads on my own. I don't know if I save a dime, but I enjoy the hell out of it!
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    I practice alot with 9mm and 28/357 and 45 acp. I load a ton of it. The cost break down is that i get to shoot 2x as much for the same price with 9mm. 3x as much with 38 special and 45.

    So its not about more its ab7out maximizing what you have to get the most in terms of quantity and quality out of it.

    My hand loads look factory. Source the best quality for the money you have budgeted for practice - i bet having lead shipped down from Canada would be cheaper for the same stuff than local sourcing. We have powder shortages here but its still around and cant be exported anyways.

    I use seller and belliot primers because they are 25% cheaper than CCI and the drawback being they are a little stiffer to work with. But thats not a big deal.

    Sometimes rethinking strategy of dollar use yeilds great results and maybe it would work for you.
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    Brass-free recycled spent
    Bullets-free + my time
    Powder-IMR3031 @ 25-30 dollars per lb.
    Primers-3.50-4.00 dollars per hundred
    I get roughly 175 rounds from one pound of powder.
    The equipment to cast/size/reload was purchased so long ago, that if it were a person it could vote.
    I shoot a 45-70 for less than what it costs to shoot factory .223/5.56.
    It's all in how you go about it.

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    Northern Canada
    I think reloading will be the way to go. I just have to get my reloading game back on.
    I have lots of lead BUT im finding that lead is getting difficult to find. I generally go to tire shops and ask if they have old buckets of wheel weights. Since they stoped using lead, many places tell me to get in line. All the lead is spoken for (fishermen using it for downriggers)
    One tire shop the guy even yelled at me lol. I was polite, never been in that shop before. Before I could ask he lost it on me and ranted about how it already belongs to somebody else.

    But yes I do do have about 12 x gallon buckets of lead atm most of those about twenty dollars each. Or one guy trades me a bicket of lead for a case of beer. Still works out to be twenty dollars.

    Brass isnt bad. I buy starline by the 1000s
    Primers and poweder are the problem...

    Its pricey yes but in my part of canada its mostly unobtainium.
    The local gunsmith is a friend of mine. He tells me its so slow shipping powder from the USA to Canada that its nearly impossible. So theres lineups waiting for powder when it arrives once or twice a year. Limits on how much you can buy and so on. All supply and demand stuff.

    Currently Inhave about 6-8 pounds of H110 and some unique and some titegroup.

    About 4000 cci rifle primers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kauboy View Post
    If your intent is to use this gun as a means of defense, my recommendation is simple. Don't.
    Anything you can't afford to practice with, you won't be any good with. You'll only arm your attacker.

    That's why I switched from my much loved Glock 21 (.45acp) to a Glock 17 (9mm). I prefer the .45acp every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    Just me personal preference, not trying to wade into the 9mm vs .45 argument.

    At the time it was $6 a box more expensive, and only getting worse. That's when a box of 50 was $16. Getting enough ammo to practice was impossible at my budget back then, so I made the switch.
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    Black cat, i have the opposite problem: plenty of ammo for my 45 70, but i can only shoot about a dozen before the gun beats me up. I have a whole batch of 400gr LRNs loaded, but they are death at one and hospitalization at the other. BLAMMO!

    Reloading for the 45 70 is not very expensive. However, dont even think about buying components during the reign ofa democratic president. As soon as a repuglican is in el casa blanco then start stocking up for the next [eventual] democrap in the white house. I buy so much stuff during republican administrations that i do not buy during dem terms. Too damned expensive.

    My favorite way to practice is to burn up a brick of 22 shooting shotgun shells on the ground (old empties...not loaded rounds!) If you shoot close they jump a little. If you hit plastic then they fly a few feet. But if you hit the metal, they fly away 30 or 40 yards. Aim for the brass. I love to do this with my classic little Ruger MkI (12th from last mk1 ever made, stamped 1 of 5000, with Bill Rugers signature.) At ranges of 3 to 10 yards, i skip the whole area clean of shotgun shells, then move to another spot and start over. Way cool way to practice, and even a little addictive.
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