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New Purchases and Range Report

This is a discussion on New Purchases and Range Report within the HandGuns, Pistols and Revolvers, Long Rifles, Shotguns, SKS, AK, AR forums, part of the Weapons, Protection, Self Defense, Hand to Hand Combat category; Originally Posted by NotTooProudToHide I get what your saying. I was shooting a metal gong target from appx 25 yards away just like between the ...

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Thread: New Purchases and Range Report

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotTooProudToHide View Post
    I get what your saying. I was shooting a metal gong target from appx 25 yards away just like between the .40 and 9mm there was a noticeable difference in sound and energy when I hit it with a .357. I didn't think it was too much to handle either and I have no doubt that with time and practice I will improve my revolver skills. The fly in the ointment is the reason I chose to invest in a 9mm handgun, ammo cost. I was satisfied with the performance of my .40 cal handgun and do believe the .40 is a better round than the 9mm. When you're buying premium bonded ammo, which should be what you're using for carry, there isn't a huge price difference however where 9mm has .40, .357 magnum, and everything else handgun beat is the price of cheap range ammo. Checking right now I found that 9mm FMJ/Ball ammo is half as much as .357 and while the gap was closer with .40 it still was the cheaper option. This was the case when I was checking local shelf prices and online bulk options. On the other hand, as I stated above, in order for a 9mm or a .40 to be effective you must use good ammo for it which is significantly more expensive than the bulk range stuff and I believe the inexpensive .357 ammo I got from Academy would be a good option whether I was carrying on the city street or on some backwoods trail.

    Anyways, next range session I believe I'm going to put some .38 through the Windicator along with some of Buffalo Bore's .357 offerings.
    I shoot 38's in my 357's and only use magnums for carry, household guns, and to fire a few at the range.
    I try to keep CCI Blazer 38 Special lead roundnose, or any other quality lead bullet cartridges, in backstock. Lead is much kinder to pistol barrels than copper jackets.
    Winchester White Box 130 grain FMJ 38's in the 100 round "economy pack" can be had where we live for $30 or less per 100.

    My 38 Special chambered pistols I generally leave loaded with Remington 148 grain full wad cutters. This is an excellent defense round, the full diameter flat nose cuts nice holes in tissue, whereas round noses just kind of push the tissue out of the way.

    Just because a caliber is not the latest craze, and may be 100+ years old, doesn't necessarily make it bad.
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    Ive got a few older model Smith and Wesson 38s and 357 in the stable, but recently picked up a Taurus 605. That little gun is great! only thing I did to it was add hogue grips and painted the front sight blaze orange...….absolutely a great shooting gun.

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    Made a trip to the range and shot both of em again over the weekend (what better way to spend 4th of july weekend!). I'm still working on my double action trigger pull, looked up some techniques on the internet and it seems to be improving but I need a lot more practice. More than likely my next ammo buy is going to include some budget .38 as .357 is rather expensive. Both the M&P 9c and M&P Shield 9mm where more accurate than the shooter and loads of fun. I can tell that I need to do this more often. When I start out I'm rusty and inaccurate which improves as the session goes. Well inaccurate is the wrong phrase, not as accurate as I like to be fits better, I do still hit the target.
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    I have acquired a Ruger RPR in 338 . But have not fired it and it will be some time before I have time to mess with it. It is a beast.
    New life as a house husband, major shift in duties.

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