When you need to get the attention of another member in a thread, you can use our mention (tag) function to alert them.

Step 1
In your reply, simply add the at sign (@), immediately followed by their username, with no space.

How To Tag (Mention) Another Member-mentions1.png

Step 2
Once you have clicked to submit the post, it will highlight the users name.

How To Tag (Mention) Another Member-mentions2.png

Step 3
You may see alerts at the top of the forum when someone mentions you, or you can view mentions on your profile.

How To Tag (Mention) Another Member-mentions3.png

Added Notes:

Another option to mention someone is to simply highlight the username (after you type it in your message) and then click the icon that looks like a speaker. This is especially helpful when a username includes a space in it.

To adjust tag or quote notification preferences, click on Settings near the upper right hand corner of the community, then scroll down until you see "User Tagging" and "Settings" in the left navigation. You will see several options there.

This is just an FAQ tutorial thread. If you have additional questions or need help with this topic, please start a new thread in our Site Support section.