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How Important Do you Think A Map of Fallout Shelters Is For Us Americans?

This is a discussion on How Important Do you Think A Map of Fallout Shelters Is For Us Americans? within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Originally Posted by Box of frogs Public shelters = sheep in a pen. In many cases an instant ossuary, like those at Verdun....

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Thread: How Important Do you Think A Map of Fallout Shelters Is For Us Americans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Box of frogs View Post
    Public shelters = sheep in a pen.
    In many cases an instant ossuary, like those at Verdun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inceptor View Post
    Yup. We used to practice that in school on a regular basis.
    Actually, I'll never forget this - it was written in black magic marker on the driver's sunvisor of an old pile o' crap International Cab Over semi tractor that I reluctantly drove for a very well known nation wide building products corporation.
    Only it started with "In case of emergency................"
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    I live less than 2 miles from a major Target. Don't think a Fall Out shelter will do me much good.
    And I don't think one exists near me anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Watchman View Post
    Man .... I love this gal! (A Watchman reflects on some of his historical greetings to first time posters, who seem to be a little amiss in manners ...... of course this reflection is accompanied by his infamous crooked grin).
    You're going to make some other girls here jealous.

    *cough* @Cricket *cough* @TG *cough* @Mish
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    Quote Originally Posted by inceptor View Post
    Slippy my friend, we both know they will be the first one's in and will lock the doors behind them.
    Quote Originally Posted by SOCOM42 View Post
    No shelter signs left around here at all.

    Remember, big brother thinks there is too many of us by about 150 million, what does that tell you?

    You, me, and our families, BLM, gang bangers, places like Dirtroit, Philly and Baltimore need to be reduced to zero population.

    Do not lose sight of the population count on this planet. The elite have made no secret of their desire to reduce this count.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MountainGirl View Post
    Seems I skimmed a headline the last day or two that the old yellow signs from the 50's & 60's designating shelters were being taken down as the facilities were no longer maintained, crumbling, etc, in NYCity maybe? Anybody else see that? I'm not reading news stuff anymore.
    I haven’t seen a sign in quite sometime, I think that they were taken down because they think that they are no longer needed or the designated shelter would be pretty useless. The old shelters, in lower hallways in a school for example, how would one maintain it with a group of people without proper supplies, in the 60s and 70s there were many shelters designated with the infamous yellow signs, no supplies for extended use, meaning pretty useless.....
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    A map of empty no longer maintained locations ?

    The maintained locations are not going to let someone not on the list in. So I do not think the list / map is any good. Many were located in the basement of public buildings and although they were better than nothing were not very good protection .

    If you want a location yo got to build/make it yourself.

    Some areas of the country have underground storage areas old mines or just areas of limestone that they made bigger so they could use them as warehouses/storage. If a person had money you could rent space and park /set a connex or semi tractor trailer with supplies in one of those storage areas.

    One near Lewisburg Ohio of of I- 70 trucks come in an out but you never see trucks or any buildings on the property underground all kinds of roads, storage areas and plenty of parking for semi tractor trailers. If You had supplies in one of those limestone caves and could get into it fast enough you could easily wait out a short duration small nuclear exchange.

    Doubt the US ever gets a system to shelter its population from a nuclear event. We seem to struggle with shelters for events like hurricanes and tornadoes.
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    In 1955 the Jr. high school I went to had plenty of CD supplies.

    There was an underground area excavated for an Olympic size swimming pool and running track, it was never finished.

    The concrete and steel roof acted as planned, a parking lot.

    The construction had ceased from the onset of the depression era, never was restarted..

    In that space were hundreds of pallets of stuff, all with the CD logo on them.

    There were what I would guess at to be 35 gallon drums of water also stored in large numbers.

    Today, as many of us older folks have seen, our government has turned in a self serving gaggle of leeches.

    Mind you there always was a certain amount of them, today it is the majority.

    As I have said before, they only care about their own survival, their actions prove it.

    I have been in a few of the bunkers, they are not by any means built for us chattel.
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    "We the People" won't know shit till we see the pretty glowing mushroom clouds.
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    Maybe a false map with shelters marked in the big cities to draw the sheep away from my area would be a good thing.
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