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How to convince my girlfriend I'm not crazy

This is a discussion on How to convince my girlfriend I'm not crazy within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Originally Posted by Lucky Jim Watching Katrina on TV here in England I couldn't help wondering why the people in the low-lying areas of N.O. ...

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Thread: How to convince my girlfriend I'm not crazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Jim View Post
    Watching Katrina on TV here in England I couldn't help wondering why the people in the low-lying areas of N.O. didn't run for the hills when they saw it coming?
    I believe some people just didn't take it seriously. That area gets hit with hurricanes all the time, I think at least once a year. Also it wasn't the hurricane that directly caused damage, it was the levees that broke. If the levees held up like they were suppose to, it would have been actually not a big deal. If I recall, there was sort of a sense of peace and relief after the storm passed, but then the levees broke, not right away, maybe hours later? lol can't remember exact details. Katrina wasn't the biggest storm in that area either, forget if this was in terms of speed, size, whatever. I think it was the direction that it went or something like that that made the levees fail.

    Also who was the idiot to decide to build a town below sea level next to a body of weather that has hurricanes all the time? seriously
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Jim View Post
    Watching Katrina on TV here in England I couldn't help wondering why the people in the low-lying areas of N.O. didn't run for the hills when they saw it coming?
    Come on, what do you expect from people who vote in a dumb A$$ mayor who turns down assistance from the railroads to evac people. "Lilly the water is up to the front steps... Don't worry, Willie, the mayor says everything will be ok. Hey Lilly, the water is coming in the door... Don't worry, Willie, the mayor says everything will be ok. Hey Lilly, the water is neck deep in the living room... Don't worry, Willie, the mayor says everything will be ok, we'll just go up into the attic. Hey Lilly, the water is up to the peak of the roof, I can barely hold my head above water. Lilly? Lilly? Lill, gurgle, gurgle, gurg "

    I apologize to those who actually lost their lives or the lives of loved ones in Katrina. This is only meant to show how people, like sheep can be led to slaughter.
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    If girly doesn't like the idea of spending on a bunker show her these pics to change her mind-

    WIFE- "What's the weather look like honey?"
    HUB- "Clouding over a bit"
    WIFE- "Oh dear, and mother's coming over later, I hope she doesn't get caught in the rain"
    HUB- "Nah she'll be alright"
    WIFE- "Well come in dear and shut the door"

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    Quote Originally Posted by paraquack View Post
    By the end of August 2005 I had a wake up call. I saw the hand writing on the wall. Seeing what happened to the people of New Orleans taught me that we are only numbers to the government. They don't care about us individually. We are only a number, soon to be a statistic on some computer report. Because they don't personally know us, they could care less if we live or die. I for one will not be a statistic on some DC idiot's computer printout if I can help it.
    Everyone will someday have an epiphany and know they must prepare for a disaster. Unfortunately, most of them will not realize the need until a few seconds after the SHTF event. Hurricane Katrina and the wonderful job done by the government to abate the human suffering caused by the hurricane that was forecast 5 days ahead of time to be a BAD one was my wake up call.

    Living on the Third Coast we were always "somewhat" prepared for a Hurricane, but Katrina was a HUGE wake-up call for us. Then in the years following we saw several more storms hit the coast between Biloxi and Corpus Christ. Each one a cluster for the people involved but we managed to get an 11th hour appeal and the storm swung just west or east enough that we were only minorly inconvenienced.

    Then the inevitable happend... We got Hurricane IKE shoved right up our collective asses. One day I was at work, the next day I was part of a MASS Exodus up I-45 that left thousands of people stranded on the road when their plans (or lack there of) fell apart. It looked like crazy Mad Max stuff and people were going bat-$#!+ crazy. We were smart and took the back roads to avoid what had essentially become a quasi-zombie apocalypse. After IKE roared through Dallas still a strong Cat-1 Hurricane, we loaded up and started the secret ninja infiltration into Houston to fight off the looters and repair damage to the home and neighborhood. Fourteen days later I got to take a warm shower.

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    Most has already been covered. She probably doesn't even realize she preps. Like having a credit card just in case and what not. May be a generation thing, my Dad was an iron worker who made good wages, but came through the depression, wasted nothing and saved for a rainy day. Rubbed off on me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Jim View Post
    Watching Katrina on TV here in England I couldn't help wondering why the people in the low-lying areas of N.O. didn't run for the hills when they saw it coming?
    I watched the same events unfold in Australia

    the biggest highlight was the evac centres, one of our news programming shows done a massive report on it

    a stadium was the evac centre, where there was no law, no food, no water, rape gangs, it reminded me of the movie blood diamond

    then they done a search and rescue for "survivers" and this gave us types a really bad name

    there was no LAW or law enforcement, so people holding up in their homes took the law onto their own hands, shooting at anything within range, and "hindering rescue efforts" for people that dont want to be rescued

    the 2010/2011 Brisbane floods, was a massive eye opener, had a friend that lost power for 2 weeks, I wasn't directly effected

    2010?11 Queensland floods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    but this is my back yard, I watched the unfolding of this event very very closely, most of Queensland was effected, (look at a map Queensland is a large state)

    took 48 hours before state of emergency was declared for Brisbane, within 4 days the Australian army was giving aid, evac centres needed to be evacuated, over this circus I got to witness a real event, a real response, and how people react, before this I was a 50/50 person, have enough stores for a few days (just in case) and I had some faith in government attempting to get things to normal in a timely manner, some country towns were cut off for months!!

    with more events happening, you got the cat 5 that hit Asia, a cat 2 warning in Townsville (the was a single mum crying on nat TV because the shelves were empty) and lots of other events from war to civil unrest over the world that come up on the rear times on the news, and a comment Mrs pheniox makes gives me the warm and fuzzies

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them

    Lest we forget

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Jefferson View Post
    for most wimmins in the US buying them jewelry and flowers will get you what you want!! Throw in some compliments and she will forget all about your tin-foil...

    Just be careful, too much of the above and she might stop being your girlfriend... Then the real trouble begins!
    My wife told me that she has enough jewelry. Yup, 'tis true. I don't buy because I have to bribe my way to something, rather, I buy simply because that is how a good man treats his loving bride! She never expects stuff and is far more frugal than I am. She was actually upset last night about ordering herself a couple of pairs of summer sandals to wear to her new job. Because of that, I've been able to open-heartedly bless her with good stuff, like the emerald and diamond set that she just discovered is real gem stones and not costume jewelry. True story! She figured that the stones were so big that they couldn't be real. When I said they were she just about fainted. I'll buy her more -- we have a 40th anniversary coming up -- but for now we're doing other things.

    She does love flowers and so do I. I've worked a big part of my life in agriculture or horticulture and find that taking time to look at and smell flowers is one of God's best gifts to us. So, I keep her in flowers of all sorts, some of which she dries, all of which she tends and arranges (she is a skilled professional florist but not currently doing that as an occupation). Flowers in our house are never for "make up" issues. They are so we don't have stuff to make up for.

    Oh, and she loved the new fermenting crock. Pickles first, then kraut.
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    Wives will roll their eyes no matter what your hobby. When my wife married me she assumed itd be different because i dont watch sports or leave the toilet seat up. But But it just turned out that i had plenty of equally boring [to a woman] hobbies.

    Once you have kids you can use family safety as a good excuse. Women cant argue with that...well they do anyhow, but at least youd have an excuse.
    Is this chick hot enough to to be worth the headache?

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    get her to watch this

    is a good movie, get some popcorn

    then get her to watch this news special

    Then get her to hold still for 6 more ins of news

    Might want to mention that there is still a $250,000 rewards for billy bob knowing about fiber optic cables and there locations but just drunk with a gun.

    Then you can look up some info on a ferc (federal energy regulation commission) in march they issued a report listing 9 of the 55k power stations that if hit at the same time by the exact same attack used in california would wipe out the grid for years, problem was they named the stations and the report was pulled, you can find reports about it though.

    Bingo, Instant Hardcore Prepper..... Well less than 2 hours anyway, and you don't need to say much at all.

    I wonder if billy bob has friends, anyway, get her to do that and the lights will come on

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    [QUOTE=Is this chick hot enough to to be worth the headache?[/QUOTE]

    Hell yes she is, the best thing I've ever had
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