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Serious question for everybody

This is a discussion on Serious question for everybody within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Originally Posted by shotlady I would contact local sherrif or police with a screen shot so they can get the idea of how serious this ...

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Thread: Serious question for everybody

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    Quote Originally Posted by shotlady View Post
    I would contact local sherrif or police with a screen shot so they can get the idea of how serious this is. this way he doesn't hurt anyone. and you know what? you don't want to be that friend that maybe coulda done something but didn't.
    Shot lady has the right Idea. One area that the LEO community does not have access to -not usually - is the mental health records. Normally that's restricted only to MH professionals. LEO"s don't normally get involved with what are known as voluntary admissions - I E those that check them selves in. My former partner gave me the impression that the MH community can check that - Not LEO"s - and put that patient's doctor in touch with the patient that may be having trouble.

    If the doc believes the patient is capable of harming someone - even themselves - they've (at least here in VA) got a responsibility to notify the LE community and we bring the person in for an independent evaluation by a MH professional. If they think he/she is a danger they can commit them for observation for 72 hours after which they must present their findings to a judge who can order a long term involuntary committal.
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    OK, my Windoze computer just decided to shut down my key board so I am on my linux machine - this time my post won't go away.

    1. the police won't get involved unless a crime has been committed. He has said he would not hurt himself or anyone else so they won't get involved.

    2. He might just be using the media to vent - that could be a good thing - it helps to vent sometimes - to put things into perspective.

    3. He might be trying to get attention - if it works it will progress. If it doesn't he may quit.

    You have no concept of the dynamics of the situation. By getting involved you may place yourself, your friends and your family in jeaprody. You could tell him to seek help from his church, a counsellor or other professional without revealing who you are. You are not close - you don't know his family - you can talk to his friends if you know them but tell them to suggest proffessional help. You don't want to get them involved in something they are ill equipped to handle.

    The best thing that you can actively do is to watch for a change in his attitude toward injuring himself or others. If that happens then you can call the police and recommend an evaluation. It is unlikely that an evaluation will find that he is dangerous to himself or others but it is all you can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Innkeeper View Post
    Do you know if he is a Vet? Military 1source and the VA have helplines set up to reach out and help vets who may be feeling suicidal or worst case homicidal, and it is never wrong to try to help a brother, even if he is not a vet it is never wrong to help your fellow brother.
    dysfunctional veterans on facebook (and their website) give some good advice as long as he has thick skin.

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    Reach out to his family. I've been there.

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    Ok, update from the long weekend. I did reach out to some friends, and it seems he has done this before.
    I have "exited the building", I hate to, but I am not a therapist, he is a grown man, and I asked him he needed anything, no answer, so, all I can say is I did try.
    God help him, and I want to say THANK YOU to all who expressed concern and caring, and both sides of "the coin".
    Believe me, Deebo has enough of his own problems, without adding anything else.
    I respect all yall, and cant wait to se some of you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deebo View Post
    Ok, long story, I have noticed a guy form high school seems to " have fallen off the deep end" on facebook. He is sounding stark raving freaking lunatical ( is that a word).
    I even asked him to call me, he didn't. the next day, he seems normal, then today, BOOM back to talking CRAZY stuff, I mean, CRAZY. No threats or anything, but he does mention "i would never hurt myself or anyone else".
    We were "friends" in High School, not like we hung out, but, I can see this going going south real easy?
    What the hell do I do, reach out to someone? Ignore? What the hell would I do if he does some dumb shit, I have done nothing to try to intervene?
    Obviously, the easiest way, would be sever ties, never worry about him. BUT, GOD forbid he does something, then I gotta wonder if a phone call or something could have changed anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by omegabrock View Post
    dysfunctional veterans on facebook (and their website) give some good advice as long as he has thick skin.
    See I do not do that Facebook thing so I do not keep up on that side of answers. There are also Vet Centers now for those people willing to give group therapy a try it is run By Vets for Vets and is usually found in medium to larger towns usually those with out a VA Hospital.
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