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Serious question for everybody

Thread: Serious question for everybody

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  1. jbrooks19's Avatar

    jbrooks19 said:
    You can only help someone who is willing to accept the help
  2. Old SF Guy's Avatar

    Old SF Guy said:
    Look guys...all of you...How many reports have come in about the guy who started posting strange things, rants, etc...and then all of a sudden we are getting new wave of gun violence with the added Gun ban/registration/restriction crap. I don;t care if you even like the guy...The right thing to do...if your a 2nd amendment supporter in this case is notify someone...speak that when some asshole film producers sons goes nuts and shoots people.... we can say...the police didn't do there job, or a DR failed to report it as mandated...or at least say it was a mental thing not a weapons thing. I'm not asking DEEBO to throw himself into the fray.... He feels a connection and wants to help.. Talking to the family to get them to act, or at least ascertain what the issues are is prudent...barring that reaching out to local health and welfare/law enforcement to express a concern is another, although I fear how someone deranged would respond to the "Man" showing up at the door. THink about it Deebo, decide your course of action, and do it...because I don;t want to hear about my friend Deebo being depressed because someone he knew killed 10 kids at a play ground next week...I care for your well being too my friend.
  3. shotlady's Avatar

    shotlady said:
    I would contact local sherrif or police with a screen shot so they can get the idea of how serious this is. this way he doesn't hurt anyone. and you know what? you don't want to be that friend that maybe coulda done something but didn't.
  4. pheniox17's Avatar

    pheniox17 said:
    remember, we don't know the story, just one of his mates is posting questionable material...

    could be self halm, drug issues, divorce, shit there are tonnes of triggers

    but if I was going through a tough time and someone got my family involved I would be pissed
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  5. Deebo's Avatar

    Deebo said:
    Well, i honestly want to Thank All of yoiu. I have made up my mind, i do not know any of his family, I will reach out tonight to some of his "close friends" from school.
    Like OSFG and alot have mentioned, I would rather be an "asshole that called and mady a friend mad, than a guy that has to wonder "why I didnt do something".
    I will go with that, and see where it goes, but, no, there is no way Deebo will get involved with a any user, be it drug or money leaching. I have enough problems of my own, but I GOTTA try and reach out, even if I loose a friend.
    Sound advice, all around.
    Will keep ya posted.
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  6. Maine-Marine's Avatar

    Maine-Marine said:
    Repeat after me...Not my circus, not my parade, not my clowns....
  7. Innkeeper's Avatar

    Innkeeper said:
    Do you know if he is a Vet? Military 1source and the VA have helplines set up to reach out and help vets who may be feeling suicidal or worst case homicidal, and it is never wrong to try to help a brother, even if he is not a vet it is never wrong to help your fellow brother.
  8. Casie's Avatar

    Casie said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Old SF Guy View Post
    Recon the objective...make plans, rehearse, modify plans, rehearse, execute....recover...drink a beer.
    Best advice! Recon!
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  9. Slippy's Avatar

    Slippy said:
    Say a prayer. Good luck Deebo.
  10. Smokin04's Avatar

    Smokin04 said:
    To me it sounds like substance abuse....or maybe he's on anti-depressants, or other mind-numbing/altering medications. I agree with what Casie said...treat this with kid gloves...medicated people can go screwy real quick. Professionals need to get involved.
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