Estate Planning Hmm

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Estate Planning Hmm

This is a discussion on Estate Planning Hmm within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Must admit this morbid need has me mystified. I've heard "give it up" your dead to "whatever dude" but I just haven't been able to ...

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Thread: Estate Planning Hmm

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    Estate Planning Hmm

    Must admit this morbid need has me mystified. I've heard "give it up" your dead to "whatever dude" but I just haven't been able to put my finger on what I want. Here are the broad range of options I have considered usually in great moderation even though I sound like all or none:

    1). Create a trust, have all assets sold and funds invested in the trust. Every four years the trust will take 1/2 of it's gain and ideally violate any campaign expenditure limits on a message that offend the left as I define them. Who they prosecute?

    2). My wife and I wanted to buy a lot in Detroit and turn it into a veggie garden and solar farm. Unf the taxes are so high on even lots this had to wait. Once I'm dead this could be done in Detroit and even a few other places I think could use it.

    3). A hard one is to figure out how to leave directions to a future distant generation on where then can recover my losses from the horrible boating accident that lost all my firearms, ammo and dry powder?

    4). An option exist to sell it all for the trust except my land to which the trust will hire a mason to start a 100-200 year castle development that survivalist in the future can use for a last stand?

    I D K what to do

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    That's tough. A trust can be a real bitch. What about having everything sold upon your demise and donate whats left, to organizations of your choosing, after taxes, attorneys and the executor of the estate get paid?

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    Don't worry about it. Obama and Hitlery will take anything of value that you have long before your peg out.
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    Just leave a treasure map to where the boat sank and leave the rest to me.

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    I have kids. I have kids I never fathered but raised. I've got kids that were adults when I met them and now they call me dad.
    I love them all and I will see to it that they get something to make their lives easier to live or more challenging. Most of them don't want anything but my love - they get that - they're good people in spite of the garbage that they put up with growing up. Most of their parents were either absent or should have been legally absent - they're my kids now.

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    Maybe live your life to the fullest and enjoy the time you have. Spend your money on yourself now and stop worrying about future generations. Maybe a little self centered but nobody gave me a dime and I'm going to try to the same for everyone else. Anything I don't use the relatives can fight over.

    I'm not going to waste my time/life worrying about what happens once I'm dead.. Leaving a trust so people remember and must "respect your wishes" cause your giving them money once your dead is kind of sick in my mind. Guess you can still control people from the grave??



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