Some of The Elements of Prepper Health

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Some of The Elements of Prepper Health

This is a discussion on Some of The Elements of Prepper Health within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; The Elements of Prepper Health I am all for married preppers. I want a woman: "a woman to be my best friend and confidant. Someone ...

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Thread: Some of The Elements of Prepper Health

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    Some of The Elements of Prepper Health

    The Elements of Prepper Health
    I am all for married preppers. I want a woman: "a woman to be my best friend and confidant. Someone to have a great time with everyday while working toward the goal of securing a satisfying future, both physically and spiritually." Although it is a dream of perfection, and we all have our dreams, it is a healthy need. However, I don't expect perfection, but the basics of like mindedness and affection are attainable in the prepper world if a person looks carefully. Supplements for health? Yes, Vitamin D is important for the immune system. The need for supplements in a country where even the food is bad for most people, the majority of whom are sick and miserable denizens of obesity, is acute. Most of the crap food available seems engineered to produce overly emotional and easily suggestible serf-drone-freaks, or worst "jes saying" phonies who obtain their values from the relentless parade of media propaganda themes. There are too many adolescents on forums who masquerade as men. Certainly obama and his one party government are tyrants and definitely a threat to our health, which too many sheeple prefer to ignore or minimize. Yet so many people are apparently incapable of exhibiting courage, organization or intrinsic loyalty. Just as the American diet produces a welter of hyperactive children, it also produces a host of soft and fat males who are despicably unfit. The media consistently models (among many other things it teaches us by monopoly repetition) the fraud that blacks and women are stronger and smarter than white men and therefore should run things. At the same time, a rising number of serial killers (who shy away from trying to kill males) are being spawned along with more homosexuals, bisexuals and lesbians. You know what such pressures do to the crime rate, especially since only blacks can get away with publicly calling for the murder of their objects of hate. In fact movies and television, the bible of white American group-think, models almost exclusively, brutal crime dramas which add to the police state atmosphere. As a Christian I have not failed to notice the complete surrender of American Christianity to the values of communism and a foolish, weak-minded detente with evil moslem imperialism, from the Pope down. In fact there are no institutions in balkanized America that buttress the family, wholesomeness or love. Love is NOT afrocentrism, multicultural diversity and black cultural dominance. Yet 10% of the population, blacks are made, by Hollywood and the media, into ersatz leaders. Media propaganda hopes to convince white people that blacks are over 60% of the population and should always RULE because of skin color (media racism). Whites are attacked ceaselessly, Hispanics are ignored and America's darlings, in the view of the media, are black and moslem minority parasites. This obama hell hole is toxic to the health of normal, thinking people. The rest will be sorted out by? Allah?:D
    Believe nothing you see on television, in the movies, or in advertisements. Learn how to identify and interpret establishment propaganda campaigns.Hidden Content

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    Definitely off his regular meds and taking something else.

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    Never was good at reading walls of texts. hurts the eyes.......



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