Many Americans are OK with Socialism!

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Many Americans are OK with Socialism!

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Thread: Many Americans are OK with Socialism!

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    Many Americans are OK with Socialism!

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    They are not true Americans, like O'thigger in name only.
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    Take a left by where that oak tree used to be
    I'm not ok with it.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by SOCOM42 View Post
    They are not true Americans, like O'thigger in name only.
    That's because the indoctrination began shortly before he was born. Since then it has PROGRESSIVELY grown throughout the country. It slowly crept it's way into the colleges until more and more were ingrained with this philosophy. Those students became teachers who learned how to indoctrinate and so it grew until we have what we face today.

    The saddest part is that if people thought for themselves and did their own independent research, they would see the lies. But, they prefer being told what and how to think. Hence the mess we have.

    Just my uneducated deplorable redneck opinion.

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    Not so sure we have anybody to blame but ourselves. Keyword: complacency, when it first crept into our school system we did nothing, first into politics, nothing. We all allowed this cancer to grow, to strengthen to the point of perhaps no return.
    As I see it we can go from democracy to socialism fairly easily, but once there, from socialism back to democracy will cost the lives of many many people, and even that might not be enough.
    Lots of time a small number can be loud enough to give the impression of a much larger percentage than actually exists. I hope and pray that is the case here, and the vast majority of Americans understand that what we have here is very special and something not to be squandered away.
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    I caught this video today too.
    These fools don't understand there is a GIANT difference between "Utopia" and socialism.

    The ONLY way for socialism to work is to remove scarcity of resources and cost of labor.
    Until any of these water-heads can give me their fool-proof plan for achieving this, it's not workable and only serves to consolidate power into the hands of a few.
    It never works. Ever.
    We have numerous examples of utter failure, and not one solitary instance of success. Period.
    "Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." - H. L. Mencken

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    Put the last two posts together and you have the summary to a great book.
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    "Reality is almost always wrong."
    Dr. Gregory House

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    Sadly, this has been the case for many years now. More and more young people see nothing wrong with socialism having been indoctrinated through the the school system. We allowed the cancer to grow year after year. I remember seeing a figure somewhere that over 50% of the young people now see no issues with socialism. As @Kauboy said, it has never worked, it never will work, and it ends only one way. Bad.

    How far are we in the process? Perhaps closer to the end of the cycle then we think.

    How does government sell this to Americans? One method we've all seen that government uses to impose itself in our life is to fabricate a crisis designed to scare the daylights out of folks; propose a solution only government can provide; sell it hard and vilify those in opposition until a short-sighted public finally screams for government to "do something" then the politicians magnanimously step up to the plate and abide by the will of the American people-attaching strings in the process of course. Example: America's education crisis. Nowhere in our Constitution does it outline a role for the federal government to do anything about education, yet Washington offers itself up as the messiah of our education system with tax dollars in hand. Americans bought the story and are now screaming for and expecting Washington to handle it-regardless of the strings attached pertaining to a curriculum dictated by Washington or the historically demonstrated waste, fraud and ineptitude at the federal level.
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    " All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: Freedom, Justice, Honor, Duty, Mercy, Hope" .Hidden Content

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    We now have the 3rd Generation into the great society. It will take a long time to dig out.
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    And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him;... Genesis 16:12



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