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shtf.. is this someone's plan?

This is a discussion on shtf.. is this someone's plan? within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Originally Posted by roy Doesn't it remind one of a B-29? Yeah, I was telling myself that same thing....

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Thread: shtf.. is this someone's plan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roy View Post
    Doesn't it remind one of a B-29?
    Yeah, I was telling myself that same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripon View Post
    We could 100% withdraw our support for Israel and the radical Islamist would still hate us,
    We could 100% withdraw from the middle east (like we did Germany after WWI) and they'd still hate us..
    But they'd hate our guts a whole lot less if we stopped propping up their sworn enemy Israel, and stopped sending our troops to tramp over their countries..
    Like I said, 9/11 was bad but you ain't seen nuthin yet, just wait til they get suitcase nukes if we still haven't got our noses out of Israel and the mideast by then..

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    I have a good friend who spent much time in Iraq early on. He talks with me regularly about "WMD's" and the "joke" that is propogated on America about "them" not being found. He specifically told me of a simple mission he was assigned to go and "pick up" a man they believed to be a "scientist" in the service of the Iraqi government before the fall of Saddam. The man was home, peaceful, and was taken in peacefully without incident he said. They were to gather his computer, and search for WMD materials but found none. When they were leaving (taking the man with them) his wife came out and handed the soldiers a photo of Saddam Hussein that had been on the wall. The man was clearly irritated at his wife but didn't yell or say anything (my friends observation). On the back of the photo of Saddam was the a diagram of a water distribution system of Los Angeles, CA. The man was a chemist. NO...they didn't have WMDs - THEY WERE WMDS.

    I disagree we should not be there. We left Germany after WWI and we paid for it dearly with 10 million dead people. We conquered (maybe that was wrong) and we need to stay now and do what we can to make sure they don't get back pack nukes and other weapons.
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    Japan doesn't appear to have a Muslim. The reason I read was they don't allow it. No Muslims may buy property. They can't build Madrassas. If a Japanese citizen marries a Muslim, they are considered outcasts.
    Of course, with the PC crap in the west, that couldn't happen, could it?
    FWIW: This is what I've read. YMMV.
    "It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."
    Samuel Adams


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